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YOU may think it’s to avoid your phone signal interfering with the electronics of the plane but it’s for a very different reason.
GETTYDo you know why you have to switch to aeroplane mode?Before taking off on a flight, you are advised to turn your plane on to aeroplane mode.You may have heard horror stories that failure to do this will result in your phone signal interfering with the plane and causing it to crash. 12 april 2015 beeRadio Onze luisteraars bepalen veelal wat er op beeRadio wordt gedraaid. By the time he was back in his hotel room and saw how it was being portrayed on television and the Internet, he was downright angry. They were just 5-7 on the road against teams with winning records.But once James and the rest of the Heat caught word of what Evans had said, there was no chance they were going to take the game lightly.

And once again they showed what they can be when they're focused and motivated.They ran the Nets out of the building for one of their most complete and dominating road performances of the season. James and Dwyane Wade took turns attacking on offense, they shot the ball extremely well thanks to ball movement that led to open shots, they were aggressive in forcing turnovers and they played with an edge that they've broken out only a few times since the playoffs last season.Maybe that would've happened anyway had Evans not made that little comment.
But it sure seemed to be kind of kick-starter the Heat seem to need this year to get energized."It did [motivate]," James said.
He was so interested in showing up Evans in the first quarter -- James scored nine quick points -- that he seemed to set the tone for the entire team."I enjoy when he gets like that," said Wade, who had 21 points. Erik Spoelstra has tried numerous things to drag that out, the latest being to point out that the official arrival at the 42nd game meant his team should start to get into a more consistent mode.Perhaps that will work.

There shouldn't be difficulty getting up for Friday's game in Indiana, a legit rival who beat them handily a few weeks ago.

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