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You should start by finding yourself a little time, and reading through reviews, we have a metal detector reviews section of our website you can begin with.
I’d start with a low cost detector so if you decide it is not for you, then you can resell the detector. Some good beginner detectors are the Garrett Ace 150, Garrett Ace 250, Garrett Euro Ace, White’s Coinmaster pro, and the Fisher F5. You can buy any of these either new from Amazon, Ebay, a specialized Metal detector shop, or second hand from Gumtree, Ebay and local Facebook groups.Headphones are not necessarily mandatory, however I would always advise to begin with purchasing a set as they help you hear the tones the Metal detector makes more clearly, and you don’t annoy anybody with the beeps! You can expect to purchase a pair for around ?12 at the bottom end of the scale, these will have a lead though and it sometimes can get in the way, and get a little tedious at times when you are unplugging them all day. Some metal detector packages will have headphones included especially the Garrett sports packs. For a little bit more you can pick up a set of wireless headphones, around ?40 – ?50 should be enough.
This will help make your day a little more pleasurable as you do not have the worry of getting tangled, or tripping over any cables.It is advised to purchase the right attire to Metal detect in this would be wellington boots or some rigger boots (not steel toe cap for the obvious reasons) depending on the season, a jacket for summer or winter and either a cap or beanie hat depending again on whether it is summer or winter along with a finds pouch (some metal detectors will have one in the box for free)When choosing your digging equipment you will have many options you have to weigh up what is best for you as an individual.
I would advise making sure you purchase something of a little higher quality, when I first started I got a cheap combat shovel and it did not get through the ground very well, I went home with sore feet and absolutely knackered!

You can purchase a mini draper shovel from your local building merchants for around ?15 which is a good starting shovel, Nato Shovels from ebay come at around ?20 these come with a pouch, the shovel folds away and can be used as both pick and shovel. Then for the bigger budget you could look at specially designed stainless steel, foot assisted shovel called the Black Ada. This will cost around ?40A pin pointer is something I would advise from the off, although again not mandatory, it will help you huge amounts.
Having a public liability insurance helps to give the land owners peace of mind when you are asking for permission to detect on their land. Insurance is usually required for rallies but comes inclusive with the FID or NCMD memberships.
We will elaborate further on Metal detecting insurance in a later post.A positive mental attitude and patience are mandatory. When you begin detecting don’t head out expecting to find treasure although it is possible, and there are stories where this has happened. To start with you will be getting to know your metal detector and like with any new hobby or activity it’s about learning.
Do not worry though it does not take long to learn, and after a few outings you will find you are hitting good targets and less junk.

Get to know the detector you have chose, read the manuals, watch some youtube videos and practice in your garden.
You can set out items and run tests yourself so you can see how your detector reacts to them.OK you got the above! You are now going to need somewhere to go with your metal detector the next post in the beginners series is named Where can I go with my metal detector? Our aim is to simply bring you the most useful, fresh, interesting metal detecting related content. If you are looking for beginners help, advice, finds galleries, news and reviews then you are in the right place.

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