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Hello all, NEW Bespoke Mobile Phone Solutions Our Mobile Phone department is here to provide you with an exceptional service something that will make your businesses productivity go through the roof not to mention save you money. Call Fraud Prevention Service It’s a sad fact that telecommunications fraud is on the increase, costing UK businesses over ?1billion a year and becoming the largest source of fraud across the UK! Business Telephone Systems UK, get the right Business Telephone System for your business by watching this video, it will explain everything youll need to know about the workings of business telephone systems. Choosing the right telecommunication service provider can be alot of hardship, nevertheless making the most out of what you  have is vital in order to ensure that what your doing is vital creating the right secure foundation to make a new era of investment available for any business or company.
NEC XN120 Business Telephone System Introducing the NEC XN120 Business Telephone System , a Telephone System that’s the most powerful and innovative, the telephone system is used for larger corporations with a extensive employee base.
Telephone Europe LtdTelephone Europe is a leading provider of business communications to the SME and Education sectors. We can tailor the perfect communications solution by consolidating all your voice, data and mobile suppliers into one manageable point of contact.

Would a Brexit mean an increase, rather than abolition, of roaming charges for UK consumers and businesses? About UsWith hundreds of businesses and over 1000 school’s being maintained and supported by our customer services department we pride ourselves on knowing what works and what doesn’t within the education and business sectors. Headsettet anvender guldkontakter der giver tydeligere stemmegengivelse og Neodymi hA?jttalere med klarere lyd. Due to this Telephone Europe have implemented our Call Fraud Prevention Service offering you security against call fraud. Business telephone systems covered are Panasonic and NEC, these are two big brands on the market to date supplying future proof business telephone systems to businesses and residential clients across the UK. Put quite simple PBX PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange , which within a company is their own private telephone network.
The NEC XN120 is designed to satisfy the ever growing needs of small and medium businesses, this is an incredibly professional, flexible and easy to use voice communication system at a price that makes sense to businesses.

Trading for nearly 10 years we've enjoyed a successful history and are proud of what we have achieved in an ever-changing and highly competitive industry.
We support businesses from 2-600 extensions, including support packages 24 hrs, 365 days a year. The internal users of the PBX phone system share a number of outside lines for making external phone calls. Our customers feel confident to renew their systems time and time again and our combined communications knowledge spanning decades you will always get the best system and service everytime. Get your Business Telephone System information sent straight to your Email Inbox and start saving money today!

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