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Rupinder Dhillon is an electronic artist, sound engineer and professional writer, specializing in technology. Children with sensitive ears, also called sensitive hearing and hyperacusis, feel discomfort when they hear everyday sounds that are tolerated by those with normal hearing. Hyperacusis is a rare condition that affects one in every 50,000 people, according to the University of California, San Francisco.
Everyday sounds that might cause pain include washing machines, vacuums and children playing. Children might have trouble talking about their symptoms, and their discomfort may cause them to act out by screaming, becoming violent or crying.
Children suffering from hyperacusis shouldn't be given earplugs or other devices designed to lessen the loudness of sounds, unless they're in extremely loud environments. Now keep in mind I have a big commercial mower now, which is even louder than my old Sears riding mower. Up until now the best solution was a pair of my 20 year old 3M gun range ear protectors that I also use for chainsawing, and just wearing iPod earbuds underneath them. There's an MP3 audio cable that you can plug into an MP3 player (I use it with an iPod Touch).
For $50 I think they're a good deal, and my wife likes them, but I would still like something with a bit more volume. Oh, BTW, Lowes sells a day-glo yellow version of this headphone, but I've read that they aren't as good. I have a pair of Bose noise cancellation headphones (don't remember the model but they are several years old) and they are great for planes but not too practical on a mower. The Ryobi phones do work, I'd just like more volume for podcasts that have low volume to start with like Wait Wait Don't tell me and Twit. The Hearos Racing Ear Plugs with Lanyard are the ideal riding partner for those who want to enjoy spending time on their motorbikes without it resulting in lasting ear damage.
These ear plugs will reduce damaging noise whilst still allowing you to hear road safety warnings and fit comfortably under a helmet.
The Hearos Racing Ear Plug are a heavy duty, soft-foam hear plug that provide a noise reduction rating of 33dB. The average waiting time for this is 2-4 working days, but please allow up to 7 days for delivery to take place.

Whether you ride a motorcycle for fun or for sport, or perhaps drive a racecar or other loud vehicles, these reusable ear plugs are perfect for you. ProGuard Custom motorcycle Earplugs will keep your hearing safe while you enjoy your love for motorcycling. Her research has been published by the Association for Computing Machinery and College Art Association. The condition can be difficult to diagnose because children might present with behavioral, rather than physical, symptoms. Children suffering from hyperacusis might be especially sensitive to mechanical and electrical noises and appear startled when they hear a sound that's too loud for their ears.
These behaviors might occur more often in noisy places, such as parties and large family gatherings. The audiologist performs a physical exam, takes the child's medical history and asks questions about the child's symptoms. Counseling helps children cope with their condition, while retraining therapy decreases their sensitivity to sound. That gets uncomfortable after a while because no matter how roomy the ear protectors, the buds will bump into them occasionally (especially while getting jostled on a mower) and hurt your ears.
There is no amplification - the iPod just feeds the speakers directly and you use the volume on the iPod.
Reviews say it's a bit quieter than the Ryobi (they're rated 26 db) and, more important, reviews say that the volume from the MP3 player jack is louder and the audio quality is better. The ear muffs are smaller and they are only 22db - they're basically a cheaper home-quality version of the 3M Peltor Worktunes. On a mower you really need ear protectors with at least a 22db rating just to block out all the noise. Orders that have just been received will be set to a status of entering until a member of our dispatch team processes it.
She holds a Master of Fine Arts in digital arts from University of California, Santa Cruz, and a Bachelor of Science in music technology from London Metropolitan University.
If you're aware of the signs and symptoms of hyperacusis, you might be able to help a child gain a proper diagnosis from a doctor or audiologist. A child might feel more distressed when hearing certain sounds, such as loud and sudden clapping, and act out or run away as a result.

A child might be provided with a wearable sound generator that continuously plays gentle sounds, such as music or noise. If a child exhibits distress or discomfort due to sound, remove the child from the environment and comfort her. The battery is only used to power a pair of microphones (which do have a noise cancelling circuit) so you can hear people talk to you even in a high noise environment. The speakers are pretty weak and in my case I like to listen to audiobooks and podcasts, and I have to crank the volume to full on the iPod.
There are several people that specifically mention listening to podcasts and not having to crack the volume on the ipod all the way up. They are great at the range, you can talk but when the gun goes off they cancel and you do not hear the bang. It may be caused by head injuries or exposure to loud noise, but the cause often is unknown.
When a child hears a painful sound, she might cover her ears with her hands or attempt to get away from the sound. Children who are having trouble dealing with their condition might find it difficult to concentrate in school and perform poorly. After listening to these sounds every day for three months to two years, a child might become less sensitive to everyday sounds.
Children might grow more accustomed to sounds if they're encouraged to make sounds by clapping or playing with devices that make sounds. Not so useful for mowing perhaps, but I can hear someone drive up and honk a horn or my wife yelling for me from the house so I usually do leave the microphones on low. Some children might physically harm themselves when they're exposed to sounds to which they're sensitive. Parents should inform their child's teachers about the condition and request permission for their child to leave the classroom if she experiences distressing sounds.

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