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The following accessories are specifically designed solely for users of Behind-The-Ear type of hearing aids.
Artone Communication SolutionsIs operating throughout few strategically based branches in US, EU and Middle east, other areas are covered by network of partners and distributors. ReSound Unite TV - ReSound were the first company to deliver a TV wireless accessory that does not require the user to wear a neckloop device or carry a remote streaming device.
ReSound Unite Phone Clip+ - The Phone Clip+ has now superseded the original Phone Clip, having an improved signal and being a dual purpose remote control device. The device picks up voices and sends the signal direct into the users hearing aids via 2.4gHz radio wave.
The mini-mic has a use time of 8.5 hours before recharge is needed, has a volume control, a range of 7 metres AND can be plugged into other devices using an audio cable to stream from PC's and MP3's. Starkey Hearing Technologies is the only privately held, American-owned company in the hearing industry. Ear gear provides hearing aid device, hearing instruments armor for child and with of mind, but it is just what the doctor ordered for active school age children Oticon has introduced a series of child-friendly Care Kits to help children with hearing aids. A wide range of hearing aid accessories is available to help children communicate better, such as, on the phone, listening to music, watching TV or with Bluetooth Hearing Aids by Children's Factory Puppets, Dolls, and Accessories 2 right ear, 2 left ear.
Online shopping for Hearing Aid Accessories from a great selection of Health Personal Care; more at everyday low prices. In line with the World Health Organization (WHO), 200 and 70 eight million individuals have moderate to profound hearing difficulties both in ears (bi lateral hearing The social and emotional effects of wearing hearing aids often can trouble young children.
Devices that make adjustments to your hearing aids automatically or that assist with making changes discreetly.

Hearing Aids Battery, is one of the essential component as it's the lifeline of your hearing aids.
A hearing and alerting system that provides awareness of household alerts, including doorbell, telephone and smoke detectors. Your hearing healthcare professional can offer you advice on which accessories will work best for your specific listening needs and hearing loss. Look no further, we are the only online source you need for hearing related products and and accessories. Our employees are experience and established engineers in electronics sphere, with years of experience in development of Assistive Listening Devices and communication solutions for the security service market.We develop, manufacture and export our own products, thus the prices of our products for our distributors are significantly lower compared to other special communication manufacturers.
You can change left and right aids individually, mute the hearing aids and turn wireless streaming on and off. In other words, you plug the TV Unite into your TV audio output and press the button on your hearing aid and the TV signal is delivered direct into your hearing aids up to a distance of 7m. The Phone-Clip+ allows ReSound hearing aid wearer's to stream their mobile phone calls direct into their hearing aids, greatly improving the receiving signal.
As per the mini-mic below you can also connect to your MP3 player or mobile phone and stream music direct to your hearing aids. Firstly to assist over distance, for example by being placed at the far end of a large meeting table, and also by being worn by a third party such as a passenger in a car. The mini-microphone can stream this signal to multiple ReSound hearing aid user's simultaneously. What accessories will help keep those precious listening devices safe and comfortable for little Children will also love Critter Clips.
The following hearing aid manufacturers have online programs or special books and accessories for children:s.

Looking into some hearing aid accessories for your child can make them easier Hearing Aids for Children.
Lloyds is an excellent source for a wide variety of hearing aid parts and accessories regardless of the make or model of instrument, no matter where you may have purchased it. Alerting can be provided through visual and vibration cues through a remote control and also by beep signals sent directly to the hearing instruments. The Phone Clip+ doubles up as a remote control and includes a mute microphone button which allows the wearer to mute the microphones on their hearing aids when on the phone to cut out the surrounding noise. Helps children to be Hearing aid batteries and accessories provided at great cost savings to you. For the Monikered Hearing Aid Personalize virtually any BTE hearing instrument or The latest information on hearing aid accessories and supplies for individuals who for fun, fanciful and functional products to embellish hearing aids for children Most Popular Hearing Aid Accessories for Beginners – Bluetooth, Children, New Delhi, India. Many of our customers have BTE hearing aids purchased elsewhere, but use us for replacement parts. Each unit is tested by the same engineer that developed it.Our products have been tested and approved by many esteemed companies and individuals. This feature really helps when in a noisy environment but the user must bear in mind the person they are talking to will hear the noise down the phone line. A Pearl hearing Aid, we always make sure that our customers can have the best suited hearing aids battery so as to provide uninterrupted services. Other specific items useful for certain types of hearing aids might be found in their respective Hearing Aid Accessories categories as well.

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