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The Audeo S 9 is the highest level of technology, the Audeo S 5 is the mid range level and the Audeo S 3 is the lowest level. The Resound Sparx is perhaps the most powerful BTE available with a whopping 86dB gain and 146dB output.
Your current hearing aids may be brought to the Center for analysis, adjustment and servicing. When not in use, store your hearing aids inside their case in a room other than the bathroom to avoid potentially high humidity. Do not wear your hearing instruments while applying hair spray, gel, face creams or make-up. If you are storing your hearing aid for any extended period of time, take the battery out to avoid damage from leakage.
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The keen eyes amongst our customers may have recently noticed that our range of hearing aid batteries has grown overnight. Rayovac - In an earlier post this year we explained the reasons behind choosing rayovac, which incidentally is the brand of batteries you will get with your hearing aid from us. Duracell - Perhaps the most recognised brand in the world of batteries thanks to the longer lasting duracell bunny!

Panasonic - Perhaps better known for its consumer electronic products, Panasonic zinc air is an advance solution.
Power One - Its range of hearing aid batteries are used in hearing aids as well as in Cochlear implants.
It uses the new “Spice” technology platform which processes the sound much faster than the previous “CORE” technology of the original Audeo. When we offer fittings it is sometimes not our first choice of brand or style that the client finds most suitable. That is why we are up-front with our pricing and we make suggestions across the various hearing aid brands in Australia. Extensive testing, counseling and follow-up to ensure proper use and adjustment are an important part of our successful program. Beyond simply dispensing hearing aids, our audiologists fit and educate each individual to receive maximum benefit and comfort from his or her chosen amplification.
In addition, we offer amplifiers for various uses (such as telephone, television and personal FM systems) which are available for demonstration and purchase.
Brands such as Power One, Duracell and Panasonic are now available to order in addition to Rayovac.
Its flagship technology is called EasyTab™; claimed to be the world's first easy-to-use hearing aid battery.

Its battery comprised of Teflon layer technology for optimal airflow as well as steady power in various temperature conditions.
Power One technology is aiming to achieve reliable optimised power using technologies such as patented PTFE film technology and special sealing design.
The Audeo S is available in 3 levels of technology and 3 different models making 9 individual instruments in total. The “Smart” is perhaps the most popular as it has a push button and can be controlled without the use of a remote control.
It is not as small as the Mini but it has no push button but it does have wireless capabilities.
We thought it may be helpful to explain the hearing aid battery technology used by each manufacturer. To achieve this target, it has introduced a number of improvements in recent years from a new nickel clad stainless steel housing, which has allowed them to offer a four year freshness guarantee, to a new air management system that has helped ensure greater power consistency. EasyTab™ makes the job of inserting and replacing the battery very easy utilising extra long tabs for better handling.

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