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This hearing aid fits completely in a person’s ear canal and is also virtually unseen. Utilizar siempre zapatillas de goma en el recinto de la piscina y en las duchas y aseos de la misma. Llevar zapatos de material transpirable en verano y, si es posible, cambiar de modelo cada día.
Cuidar bien las rozaduras y las heridas en los pies para que no se conviertan en la puerta de entrada de la infección. The case sits behind the ear with the connection from the case coming down the front into the ear.

These instruments use soft ear inserts, typically of silicone, to position the loudspeaker in the patient’s ear. IIC are built to fit past the second bend of the ear canal, allowing the faceplate to be seated deeply in the ear, providing an invisible hearing aid fitting. It consists of the body of the hearing aid containing the microphone, amplifier and controls. Especialmente en el agua estancada fuera del vaso principal, por ejemplo, alrededor de las duchas o en los accesos, pues el calor hace que proliferen los agentes patógenos. ITC models usually have a rotating manual volume control or a push button for program toggle.

The performance and cosmetic advantages of this fitting style appeal to a wide variety of hearing aid candidates, especially those who do not consider visible hearing aid as an option. A cord transmits the electrical output to a receiver, which converts this signal into sound.

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