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Follow up service for the life of the hearing aid is included in the purchase price of all hearing instruments purchased through Appalachian Audiology! We dispense and repair all major hearing aid brands including Phonak, Siemens, Oticon, Widex, and Resound.
Bluetooth compatible hearing aids allow you to wirelessly connect to televisions, cell phones, landline phones, and mp3 players. Bluetooth technology advances permit you to listen on the telephone through the hearing aids in both ears simultaneously.
In addition, the hearing aids automatically shut off the microphones to enable you to hear on the phone in comfort and without distraction. The hearing aids can receive music and other signals from an iPod or mp3 player making those uncomfortable earbuds unnecessary! Each hearing aid manufacturer utilizes different accessories to make wireless streaming possible. Phonak's Roger Pen is a wireless microphone designed to help the hearing aid user hear speech more clearly in noisy environments. Oticon and Siemens feature a "mini-mic" that your spouse can wear to further improve speech understanding in noisy environments. Siemens, Widex, and GN Resound do not require a neckloop antenna to receive a bluetooth signal. If you currently own hearing aids, chances are good that your hearing aids are already bluetooth compatible.
With its powerful, built-in amplifier and large, easy-to-see keypad, using the phone has never been easier!

The P300 amplified corded phone, by Clarity, features Clarity Power technology to make sounds not only louder, but also clearer and easier to understand.
With up to 18 decibels of amplification and programmable photo memory buttons, the P300 is an ideal solution for those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss or low vision. Clarity Power not only makes amplified telephone calls not only louder, but also clearer and easier to understand. Senior cell phone features include: speaking keypad, big buttons, enhanced volume and full color screen. Senior mobile phone that may be simple to look and simple to make use of, simply were given higher than ever!
Senior mobile phone options come with: speaking keypad, massive buttons, enhanced quantity and whole Colour screen. The Snapfon®, is warranted against defect, malfunction, and product failure for one year from the date of purchase. All trademarks, registered trademarks, and trade names are the properties of their respective owners.
Geemarc BDP400 Big Display Phone with Talking Caller ID; Speakerphone, Wall Mountable, Extra Large Display, Up to 40dB Amplification, Adjustable Tone Control, Adjustable Ringer Volume, 3 Ringtones & Hearing Aid CompatibleThe Geemarc BDP400 is an amplified corded telephone with extra amplification and tone control. This provides better speech comprehension and sound clarity because the sound is delivered wirelessly to the hearing aids with no issue of sound decay or reverberation. It is also a wireless transmitter that can stream the audio of a television, cell phone, and handheld music player to both hearing aids.
Also, Oticon's new Inium technology boasts of faster processing speeds and lower power consumption than the 2.4 gHz protocol.

The patented Clarity Power technology amplifies and shapes high frequencies to enhance communications for the millions of people who experience high frequency hearing loss, the most common type of hearing loss.Order your Clarity P300 Amplified Photo Phone today!
It comes with all manufacturer supplied accessories, and full manufacturer's USA warranty. Fuji T-160 HQ VHS Video Tape, 160 minutes recording time, High Quality Multi-Purpose Videotape, up to 6 hours recording time (HQ 160 HQ-160 HQ160 T160 T160HQ 23022161)4.
No different senior mobile phone gives a one touch SOS button that may be programmed to name as much as 5 emergency numbers.
Users love our speaking keypad serve as (switchable) that asserts each and every number dialed in a noisy transparent voice, minimizing incorrect numbers and misdialed calls. Coby CV-200 Digital Reference Super Bass Stereo Headphone, Powerful Neodymium Drivers For Deep Bass Response (CV200 CV 200 CV20 CV-20)7. Additionally features a prime intensity LED flashlight for the ones times while you want a little bit gentle! RCA RCU404 Universal Remote with 4 Function, Program for Satellite or Cable Box, TV, VCR and DVD—Direct Entry Method, Code Retrieval and Search Methods, Sleep Feature, Using On-screen Menus, Universal DBS codes, Extensive Code Library, Menu key (RCU-404 RCU 404 RCU404 79000314479)9.

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