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Keep your hearing aids in the Stay Dri box overnight to reduce the effects of moisture in the microphones and receiver. Battery chargers are a convenient place to store your hearing aids as well as to keep them ready to go.
Siemens eCharger - Siemens has one of the best hearing aid battery chargers on the market. Siemens eCharger comes with a one-year warranty on the eCharger and rechargeable batteries.
Rexton Smart Charger - With the Rexton Charger hearing aid recharger there is no more worry about buying hearing aid batteries or being without batteries at inconvenient times.

Rexton Smart Charger comes with a one-year warranty on the recharger and rechargeable batteries.
You don't have to worry about buying hearing aid batteries running to the store at an inconvenient time.
If you are using Siemens hearing instruments, we sell chargers that include two rechargeable hearing aid batteries.
After one year replacement rechargeable namebrand batteries cost approximately $20.00 each. Similar to charging a mobile phone, the instruments are ready to run all day after a six-hour charge overnight.

Our hearing aid battery chargers come with the full manufacturer's warranty on the charger and rechargeable batteries. The charger also includes a drying function that removes harmful moisture from the hearing aids, improving long term reliability and performance.

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