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However, you can pass the exam if you study hard at cost under $169 using The Listening and Life for the written exam prep. After working in the Manchester area for over 11 years, she opened her own practice in October 2012 and welcomes new patients along with old friends. There are thousands of hearing aid dispensers promoting their products these days, in doctors' offices, at shopping mall kiosks, and, of course, online. An important distinction to understand when treating your hearing loss is the difference between hearing aid dispensers and Audiologists. Audiologists, on the other hand, are degreed professionals (Master's Degree or higher) who are trained in the science of hearing. Unlike dispensers, Audiologists can interpret these tests properly, prescribe specific devices, and continue to be a resource for you as your hearing evolves. In fact, the FDA advises seeking hearing care and hearing aids only from licensed practitioners.
While taking an ‘Anatomy’ class, I became fascinated by the complexities of the human ear and decided to become an Audiologist.
I received my Masters Degree in Audiology from the University of Connecticut and my Doctorate in Audiology from the Arizona School of Health Sciences.
Having fallen in love with Vermont while attending UVM, I returned in 2001 and have practiced audiology in the Manchester area ever since.

We even played a small part in inspiring his winning joke: "My wife and I have been married for 46 years, and our lives are totally in sync. Short courses exist which require a few days to a few weeks to be an Audiometric Technician.
Ashley Cincotta has been a hearing aid dispenser since 2004 and has been with Lawson’s since January 2010.
We are proud to offer at no additional cost to our clients, a warranty and services program unlike any other you will find in the Southern Tier. This includes administering sophisticated tests that assess the nature and characteristics of your unique hearing loss.
In Vermont, the only practitioners licensed to provide diagnostic hearing evaluations and hearing aids are Audiologists. In short, you will be wellrounded in theory and application, from the physics of sound to an understanding of the psychological issues associated with hearing disorders. She specializes in fitting the newest hearing aid technology based on her continuing participation in a curriculum of continuing education courses.
Because her husband, Robert Lawson, has dealt with hearing loss for most of their married life, she can relate to families that come into the office who experience the same struggles. This educational background gives you an excellent preparation for contributing to an Audiology practice.

She has many years of experience with customer care and has always been passionate about helping people.
If there is ever a need for maintenance on your device, your EarQ warranty covers repairs for four years. And, as important, the classes qualify for college credit, which can be applied to a bachelor of science degree. Amanda has knowledge in hearing assessment as well as fitting and fine tuning hearing aids to a variety of hearing losses. Ashley’s experience of growing up around a hearing impaired family encouraged her to seek a profession in helping the hearing impaired. She values the professional relationships she has with her patients and the positive impact she has on their quality of life.

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