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This model features the entire hearing aid behind the ear, while a thin plastic tubing that is connected to the aid directs the amplified sound into the ear canal.
Hearing aid suppliesA vast supply of hearing aid batteries, wax filters, plastic dome tips, dehumidifiers, and other hearing aid supplies are kept in stock and can also be mailed to the patient's home as requested. Shopping Around?We all know that online shopping puts an entire world of products at your fingertips- and at Memorial Hearing, we highly encourage shopping around, and then come to us!

The entire body of the aid is behind the ear, and a thick tubing connected to a custom ear mold. Smokey coloured domes which are more discreet within the canal and show less staining from ear wax!
The main body of the hearing aid fits discretely behind the ear- most patients choose an aid that most closely resembles the color of their hair for cosmetic reasons.

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