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The receiver (the speaker unit) sits in the ear canal and is connect to a very small behind the ear aid via a conductive wire in a very thin tube. There are now several power CICs on the market catering for people with severe hearing losses who require cosmetic appearance. Traditional style hearing aids fitted with an earmould (generally silicone or acrylic) that fills the ear. Modern BTEs now have sleeker bodies and multi-colour designs and incorporate much higher specification technology than those available from the NHS.

This design is unique to GN Resound and was developed originally for the 'RESOUND BE' product.
These generic devices include air-conduction hearing aids and bone-conduction hearing aids. My children and principally my older daughter, would often mention that I was missing a lot of things because I wasn't hearing what was being said. Using a custom tip on the end of the speaker we can fit these hearing aids to severe hearing losses.

Particularly with young grandchildren I wasn't able to hear all that they wanted to tell me. Available now as Starkey Soundlens, Phonak Nano, Oticon IIC, Widex IIC, GN Resound IIC and Unitron Micro.

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