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A new implant designed to produce sounds through bone vibrations is giving new hope to the hearing impaired.
Doctors at a London, Ont., hospital have begun tests on the latest generation of hearing implants called the Bonebridge, an implant surgically embedded under the skin and into the temporal bone.
An external microphone worn under the hair captures sound and sends it to the implant, which transforms the noise into vibrations. The device, recently approved in Canada for clinical use, is designed for people who have hearing loss in the middle and outer ear. Older versions of the bone conduction device were considered too bulky, and required a metal hook to anchor the external microphone to the scalp.
The updated device uses wireless technology and links the internal and external components using magnets.
Kelly Dickson, a 51-year-old nurse at Grand River Hospital in Kitchener, Ont., has become the first person in North America to receive the innovative device.
As a child, she developed chronic ear infections required multiple surgeries to repair her eardrums. Testing out her device two weeks after the surgery, Dickson said she is delighted that she can now hear clearly for the first time. Agrawal said the device is also less visible, which is considered a benefit to people who are self-conscious of their hearing aid. An estimated 3.5 million Canadians have some form of hearing loss, with about 350,000 of them considered so impaired they are deaf in one or both ears. The number of patents in the hearing industry is a€?growing by leaps and boundsa€? as audiologists try to find better ways to treat the hearing-impaired, Chasin said. Doctors at a London, Ont., hospital surgically embed a hearing implant called the Bonebridge.
We continue to search for better technology to help Lily hear in noise, especially when it is in a multi-talker environment like the lunchroom or during small group discussion.

We entered Phonak's recent #HearIam contest with cute photos of Lily and her Phonak Inspiro FM system. While the sound system in the stadium was really loud, it often times wasn't that clear.
Some sports stadiums are moving to IPads where people can follow the captioned action, but I hope that progressive stadiums will figure out Jumbrotron captioning before they are legally required to. Love the innovation of the family who created CIWear, an active wear shirt with pockets for cochlear implants and other electronic devices.
While swimming in a pool, we clip Lily's CIs on her sleeve then run the cords up through her shirt. This is the first summer Lily has been riding her bike, so she still has her training wheels on. As soon as we can make our way to an American Girl Doll store, Lily would like to get hearing aids for her doll Lanie. Now maybe we could add an attachment to the hearing aid and turn it into a BTE Cochlear Implant. This week we tested ClearVoice in the car, on a busy street, to understand how it works best. With the window open, the wind was blowing in Lily's face, and she could still hear me talking, actually quite well. Within seconds of having ClearVoice activated, LIly tested 77% in noise and 100% without noise.
Lily's comments about ClearVoice thus far have been that the car seems quieter and the conversations are easier to hear. Built on AB’s proprietary HiRes Fidelity 120™* technology for high-performance hearing, ClearVoice has been designed to automatically analyze and adapt to each listening situation encountered throughout the day, separating the distracting noises from speech so that communication can be a truly effortless experience. It is not clear if these recordings are through an additional listening device like a hearing aid or cochlear implant, but the differences are still facinating.

Hearing accomodations are becoming mainstream, not only because of ADA but also for good customer service.
Available in 4 packs, 6 packs and 8 packs, and in cartons of 40 batteries, 60 batteries and 80 batteries. The perfect way to find the best-performing battery for your hearing aid is with our sample packs of seven different brands in your size.
The vibrations are transmitted to the inner ear, where they are processed into natural sound. Sumit Agrawal told CTV News the device is useful for hard-of-hearing patients who are unable to wear a standard hearing aid or are not candidates for a cochlear implant. Sumit Agrawal checks a hearing aid implanted in the scalp of Kelly Dickson in his London, Ont. Our current charger takes around 9 hours to charge, so it leaves little room for recharging user errors. ClearVoice is also the industry's only sound processing technology that has been clinically proven to deliver superior hearing performance in noise. Multi-talker babble speech noise was presented from behind the listener at a level of about 60 dBA. It also describes those who would benefit from an FM including children and adults with hearing loss (even unilateral hearing loss), people with MS, children with autism, non native learners, those with auditory processing disorders, etc.

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