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About 30 years ago my father brought his hearing aids in for repair to a local hearing aid shop. Most modern hearing aids are digital and thus permit many types of operations not possible with the previous generation of analog aids. Among these features are those which provide automatic directional microphones,   noise suppression circuits, automatic volume control, and the suppression of acoustical squeals. Florida Medical Hearing Centers offers ALL major hearing aid brands and the newest of hearing aid technology.
Hearing aids have a microphone to pick up sound and a digital processor or amplifier to make sound louder. This is the circuit diagram of electronic hearing aid featured with sensitive sound detection and energy saving, so this hearing aid will work in the long term with a 9V batery battery cycle.
This electronic hearing aid circuit consists of a condenser microphone, earphone, and sound detection and amplification sections.
When sufficient sound signal strength is detected at the base of transistor T1, the pulsating voltage at its collector exceeds the reference voltage at pin 3.
With 9V battery, when sound is detected through the condenser microphone, the amplifier section is automatically triggered and the current consumption of the circuit is about 96 mA. Our website is still under construction, however feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. Upon looking at the hearing aids the salesman said, “Those are sealed units and can’t be repaired.” With that he through the hearing aids in the trash can!
I got into the hearing aid repair industry, and years later I repaired those hearing aids for my dad.
These range from extremely tiny ones that fit completely in the ear canal, to ones that are placed behind a person’s ear and that deliver sound into the ear canal via tubing and an ear-mold. These not only allow more precise corrections to the unique pattern of specific hearing losses, but also include a number of other, possibly helpful, features.

Instead, adults must help take care of the hearing aids until children can do it themselves.
The common hearing aid circuits consume the battery energy continuously once they are turned on. The block of sound detection section used a quad op-amp IC LM324 (IC1(A)) and a timer NE555 (IC2). My father bought new hearing aids that day (but also dug his old hearing aids out of the trash when the salesman left the room). Some aids use just a tubing to deliver the sounds or locate a tiny loudspeaker right in the ear canal.
With behind-the-ear (BTE) style hearing aids, the microphone and amplifier are kept in a small plastic case that rests behind the ear. This is because BTE aids are easier to fit for a child’s growing ears than other hearing aids. Care of hearing aids involves cleaning out any earwax, changing the batteries, and doing listening checks. If they become stuck or swallowed, acid from the battery can leak out and burn the inside of the ears, nose, throat, or stomach.
If you are worried about how you will pay for your child’s hearing aids, talk to your child’s health care team.
This smart electronic hearing aid saves battery power by switching on the sound amplifier section only when sound is detected. The low output from IC1(A) triggers the NE555 timer and its output goes high for a preset duration. The sound signal received from the mic is fed to the non-inverting pin of the second op-amp of IC1(B) which is wired in unity follower configuration. A major factor in all modern hearing aid fittings is to decide just what special feature should be included in the hearing aids.

Also, hearing aids and plastic earmolds come in many colors such as skin tones or bright colors.
The voltage at its collector is fed to the inverting terminal (pin 2) of op-amp IC1(A), which is utilized as a comparator.
The unity follower mode resolves the problem of impedance mismatch which would have occured if the output of the mic is fed directly to amplifier stage. Also, keep in mind that the earmolds or entire hearing aids may need to be refit or remade as your child grows. If a battery is ingested, you can obtain more information by calling the National Battery Ingestion Hotline at 202-625-3333 or by calling the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222. The circuit also uses only a single condenser microphone for to detect the sound and amplify the sound signal. The reference voltage (Vref) at the non-inverting terminal (pin 3) of IC1(A) is set with preset VR1. The high output of the timer is directly used as the power source for the sound amplifier section.
The preset is also used to control the sensitivity of the sound signals received by the circuit.
The weak signal received at transistor stage T2 is further amplified by transistors T3, T4 and T5. The output from pin 1 of IC1(A) is fed to the trigger input (pin 2) of timer NE555, which is configured in monostable mode.

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