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If you are experiencing hearing problems, come along to our open house event at our main practice, 3b Headgate, Colchester CO1 1NU (by appointment only).
Three times a year we produce a newsletter containing news and features on the latest hearing aids, issues related to hearing and hearing loss, latest developments at the Centre and more. You can choose to receive a paper copy of our newsletter or use the form on our 'contact us' page to request a digital PDF.
Outstanding offer on a pair of cutting-edge new Widex Unique premium hearing aids PLUS 5 years’ free warranty, batteries and aftercare.
With the new Widex Unique range of hearing aids, users can truly enjoy being outdoors and hear clearly, no matter the conditions. The event raised another ?900 towards this amazing charity and the fantastic work they do to train and support hearing dogs.
Margo Harrison, a hearing impaired recipient, came along to speak at the event, also introducing us to 'Pebbles'. Thank you to all our loyal supporters and participants for helping make this year's Golf Day another great success. We commemorated 15 years since the establishment of The Hearing Care Centre with a scrummy Champagne Afternoon Tea at the newly refurbished Colchester Castle, on 25 June. Joined by many of our longstanding clients, we also welcomed as special guests the new Mayor and Mayoress of Colchester, John and Janet Elliott, as well as Mr Don McFerran, local Consultant ENT Surgeon. We were also delighted to have father-and-daughter duo, Roger and Ruth Montgomery, providing background music. Vicki Skeels and Nancy Usher, the Centre's marketing manager, had the honour of helping to judge last year's Colchester Business Awards. As The Hearing Care Centre has itself been the proud recipient of numerous Excellent Customer Service awards over the years, and with Vicki just finishing her reign as Colchester Business Woman of the Year, we believe we are well equipped to accurately judge this category.'Outstanding customer service is something we continually strive for at the Centre,' says Vicki, 'and we know what this requires from all parts of our business – from frontline staff right through to back-office operations.

Vicki  and Dr Ella Carmaciu (our new micro-suction specialist) with Carolina, one of our new 'patients' in Brasov, Romania. During the October 2013 half-term, Vicki and a small team of volunteers had the opportunity to visit Romania, to bring help – and hearing – to hearing impaired pensioners unable to afford hearing aids. Vicki Skeels has been appointed to the Council of the Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals (AIHHP). AIHHP is dedicated to promoting excellence within the UK hearing industry, with members providing a range of higher quality services than is found on the high street.. We are proud to have joined a new scheme, run in conjunction with Help for Heroes and hearing aid manufacturer, Phonak.
As a member of AIHHP, we will provide free, state-of-the-art hearing aids to British Servicemen and women, who have been discharged from the forces due to damaged hearing in recent conflicts. Research interests include the development of hearing performance standards for hearing-critical occupations, hearing loss due to exposure to loud noise and music, adverse health effects from exposure to wind-turbine noise, speech audiometric measures, the development and evaluation of low-cost hearing aids, and quality-of-life implications of hearing loss. Headliners Spartan Stadium's student section now accessible for all, thanks to Katie FeirerThe will of one Spartan is sometimes all it takes to make a positive change. Looking on are audiologist Debbie Lawrence (left), who will run the new clinic, and Carole Butterfield, manager of the Foundry Court Community Centre. These will be run by Richard Lusher-Seaman on alternate Mondays at the Old Road Clinic, 115 Old Road, Frinton CO13 9BX. He gave an informative speech about the massive leaps forward in hearing aid technology, also praising the Centre for always keeping abreast of developments and offering the very best quality instruments on the market.
Ruth, a flautist, is profoundly deaf, but this has not stopped her carving out a musical and teaching career for herself.
They had responsibility for the Excellent Customer Service category, always a hotly-contested award with the highest number of entries.

Romanian-born Dr Carmaciu is the micro-suction specialist at our Colchester and Chelmsford centres, who initiated the trip. Her dedication to her work is truly outstanding and also juggling a family has shown inspiration to others. In fact, we have already welcomed our first client, ex-paratrooper Ben Lancaster, who suffered hearing loss after being injured in an IED strike in Afghanistan. Punch, an audiologist, has held clinical, academic, and administrative positions in diverse professional settings.
Many of the recipients heard properly for the first time in decades, and their emotions often brought tears to our eyes.
Retired since May 2011, he maintains an office in the department and continues to pursue his professional interests in hearing handicap, hearing loss prevention, and community noise.
He currently serves as the college representative to the University Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects (UCRIHS). Punch is a Fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the American Academy of Audiology, and is the recipient of several research and service awards. He consults as a forensic audiologist in cases involving hearing performance standards and community noise, and has a special interest in the association between wind-turbine noise and adverse health effects.

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