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Otonomy, Inc., a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel drug therapies for disorders of the inner and middle ear, is one of our Partners for Hearing Health.
After an adverse reaction to medication left me with Tinnitus (a constant ringing in your ears, it's lovely), I was put through a series of hearing tests. Unlike washing your face or hair everyday, ears can be easy to forget about until they're pretty waxy. A donation to Hearing Health Foundation is a wonderful way to honor or remember a loved one. There are many ways for businesses, corporations and community groups to partner with Hearing Health Foundation. Be inspired by the amazing men and women who contributed to our Spring 2012 Public Service Announcement.
HHF's Council of Scientific Trustees is devoted to ensuring your donations fund the best hearing and balance science. Sensory hair cells of the inner ear are the primary mechano-electrical transducers of hearing and balance. With another holiday season right around the corner, participating in conversations around the dinner table and social gatherings can be a real challenge for those with hearing loss. Try to avoid sitting or standing next to fans, vents, or anything else that may be adding an extra layer of background noise.
Adjust the programming on your hearing aid or other listening device to accommodate a noisy environment.
Before she became a staff writer for Hearing Health, Kathi Mestayer’s first article for the magazine in Summer 2011 spoke about the challenges of communicating well with family members.

Show your thanks by making a gift to honor or in memory of a loved one and help HHF find a cure for hearing loss and tinnitus through our Hearing Restoration Project.
Staff writer Kathi Mestayer serves on advisory boards for the Virginia Department for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and the Greater Richmond, Virginia, chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America. This discovery could lead to new ways of evaluating, in animal models, experimental drug treatments intended to prevent hearing loss or restore hearing. By becoming a Partner for Hearing Health, organizations affirm their commitment to our programs, which enhance the lives of those affected by hearing loss, tinnitus, and other hearing-related disorders. If you're officially at a point where your ears require a serious deep clean, read on for how to clean your ears without damaging them because it can be tricky! The Council is made up of senior scientists who are experts in their respective fields and dedicated to our mission to prevent and cure hearing loss and tinnitus.
There are only a few thousand of these per human ear and if they are badly damaged they cannot be regenerated. The ambient noise from a crowded table can be a tough listening situation, so seeing people when they are speaking will help.
A screened porch or the back yard is a much quieter and easier place to converse than a noisy house. Afterward, they told me that I had high frequency hearing loss, and I'd be a great candidate for hearing aids.
We have plenty of event ideas, can help you plan your event, and provide tips to help you fundraise.
Although no adult mammal has ever been found that can regenerate sensory hair cells, the inner ears of early post-natal mice do have a limited capacity for regeneration.

In contrast, the ears of all nonmammalian vertebrates (fish, amphibians, reptiles and birds) posess a robust abilty to regenerate hair cells after injury. The progenitor cells for this regenerative program are the supporting cells that surround the hair cells within the inner ear.
The HRP consortium has been exploring both of these systems (postnatal mice and regenerating bird inner ears) in a series of large-scale studies, with the aim of understanding what gets switched on or off in the mouse ear and how we might reactivate the regenerative process. We have very detailed datasets on all of the protein-coding genes that are used during these processes.
In the current proposal we intend to explore an entirely different set of regulatory molecules called microRNAs (miRs). These short RNAs regulate very large-scale developmental processes and potentially hundreds of protein-coding genes.
They are particularly attractive candidates for therapeutic manipulation, since altered expression of just a few miRNAs can have wide-ranging effects upon how cells make decisions about how to develop. They have not been explored before in the mouse postnatal hair cells and supporting cells, or in the regenerating chick auditory system.
We shall carefully collect pure populations of the relevant cells and derive (by Next Generation DNA Sequencing) a comprehensive catalogue of the miRs that are present during these decisive developmental processes. We shall computationally analyze these to identify possible candidates for future miR-based manipulations in the mammalian ear.

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