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The mission statement of the RICDHH is to provide innovative leadership in public policy, advocacy, service delivery and accessibility throughout the Ocean State; RICDHH ensures opportunities for every deaf and hard of hearing person to become an empowered and contributing citizen. This symbol indicates individual(s) who is deaf, hard of hearing, or having some degrees of hearing loss. This symbol indicates a choice for whether or not to display captions for a television program, videotape, or DVD.. This symbol indicates that captions, which translates dialogue and other sounds in print, are always displayed on the videotape, DVD, movie or television program. This device is also known as a text telephone (TT), or telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD).
The symbol indicates that Sign Language Interpretation is provided for a lecture, tour, film, performance, conference or other program.
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Our product comparison charts can help you determine the features you want and need for alarm clocks, telephones, TV amplifiers and more! These assistive technologies are designed to help all individuals live more independently and help them communicate more freely at home, work and leisure.

Come out and join us Saturday, September 27 at Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, MN for some fun exercise at HLAA's Walk4Hearing! This brilliant product works by the individual wearing an unobtrusive module which alerts them to most things we all take for granted within our homes. Sensory Alert being a division of Status Alarms Ltd benefits from the mutual research and development the whole company invest in for its own products and services.
By installing sensors around the home, you are able to be alerted physically and visually when a set occurrence happens. An example of how Alert Home can help with your day to day living is a sensor can be placed within the bath that can not only alert the occupier when the bath is about to overflow, but also warn if the temperature is too hot, helping to prevent life threatening scalding.
Once the vibration alert has been activated a signal will be sent to either a stand-alone or multiple LCD screens, which in turn will display a picture of the event with a large on screen text message.
To find out more on just how Sensory Alert Home is able to help, give us a call today on 024 7668 5523 and one of our advisors will be happy to help you. Sensory Alerts innovative products provide many uses and applications for all people with hearing difficulties.
We are the Bridge in RI that promotes Equal Opportunities for each deaf and hard of hearing person through equal access to better Communications.

TV sets that have a built-in or a separate decoder are equipped to display dialogue for programs that are captioned when selected by the viewer. Open Captioning is preferred by many including deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, and people whose second language is English. Alert Sport, Alert Fire, Alert Home and Alert Vehicle have all been designed for people with hearing disabilities to help give them a better and fuller life. The Television Decoder Circuitry Act of 1990 requires TV sets (with screens 13" or larger) to have built-in decoders as of July, 1993. In addition, it is helpful in teaching children how to read and in keeping sound levels to a minimum in museums and restaurants.
Portable systems may be available from the same audiovisual equipment suppliers that service conferences and meetings.
This is particularly helpful for independent living and for the older person with hearing disabilities.

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