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The Future Call EZAi2997DB-R cordless phone is equipped with DECT 6.0 technology, which delivers enhanced voice clarity up to 35db Max Hanset Volume and security features.
With sophisticated big button design, the EZAi2997-R also features large fonts, visual ringers, audio boost up to 35db Max Hanset Volume and caller ID announce. Using this concept cellphone is fairly basic: you input text via the touchscreen display and it gets converted to voice, reaching the person at the other end of the line. This original concept would work great for hearing impaired people and we should mention that Mac Funamizu’s contraption will render stressed words larger than the ones that are whispered, for example. Environment sounds, like the ring of a telephone will be displayed as colored text and there will even be balloons that indicate speech from outside the viewed screen area. The studies involved in the making of this concept have lead to the creation of an ergonomically comfortable handset that allows you to remember most of your contacts and what you talked to them on this phone. This foldable gadget packs two 5 inch touchscreen displays, a built in camera and support for live video, plus it can be connected to a relay interpreter.
DeafCommunicator supports real time translation and it can ease the socializing process of people who are hearing impaired.
LG Burst also supports video conferencing, through a technology that helps the deaf and hearing impaired users communicate better. It’s also got a digital scan feature, allowing the user to read translated books, posters, menus and turn text into audio feedback. Sign Voice Language is a portable device for people who are visually impaired and also for those who are hearing-impaired. This system involves two gadgets of this type, one for blind and the other for deaf users, each connected to the other via Bluetooth. The best starting point in choosing phones for the hearing impaired is to ascertain the level of amplification required.
The Clarity C4220 and C4230 50 decibel phones are the gold standard in hearing impaired phones for users with severe hearing loss.
Uniden phones for the hearing impaired are some of the most popular options in this segment. The Jitterbug cell phone is an easy-to-use, simple cell phone for seniors that is an entirely new experience.

Interference from wireless networks is no longer an issue with this system, so you can enjoy hassle free communication all the time. Pratt student Suhyun Kim created the Visual Sound mobile phone, destined to reach the hands of hearing impaired uses. The balloons will also use arrows to indicate where the speech is coming from, while screams will be shown through bubbles with jags.
Last, Mac shows us a simpler version of the device, incorporated in a pair of glasses, but you should check out his site for more info on this great idea and other similar concepts. It’s a research project for the MIT AgeLab and you should know that the device was designed by Aaron Tang, from Cambridge, Massachusetts.
The DeafCommunicator portable device is the solution to these problems, relying on sign language and digital means of translation. This handset can project images on flat surfaces, thanks to its side-mounted projectors and the needed software, that deforms the touch space display.
Burst is able to project HD interactive full colour touch areas, that display menus, apps and everything you need. Games are also on board, as well as document and media editing , web browsing on the virtual screen, music playback and more. The concept gadget incorporates an LCD that displays text to the hearing-impaired and speakers that deliver the converted version of the sign language to the blind users. In order to read the sign language, Sign Voice Language Translator uses a camera and its LCD is a touch display. This new series of SSE Series has improved features including text to speech technology allowing Announcing of the number when you dial and has the ability to read and announce the name of the caller*.This system features a Corded Phone and Cordless Handset. It's essential to know whether the intended user has mild, moderate or severe hearing loss.
They tick all the boxes from prominent visual ringers through to well spaced backlit buttons.
Uniden Loud and Clear phones come in a range of models: with or without answering machines, and cordless as well as corded cordless. We have always been impressed with the quality of Plantronics products and Clarity phones for the hearing impaired are no exception.

Assistive speech aids like an electrolarynx can help with communicating clearly and speech recovery. The 14 minute digital answering system features time day stamp, message alert and call screening. We wonder if the screen is flexible and judging from the photo it seems to be, so this is a pretty innovative gadget. Pen-Cell is perfect for the hearing-impaired, as it shows visual hints of your communicational processes.
Also, the device relies on a fresh interface that uses sound and motions sensors to detect the user’s actions.
If Samsung’s able to manufacture a projector phone, why wouldn’t LG also create a cool model like this? Back to the device, we’re dealing with the Transducer Mobile Phone concept, created by Jasper Hou. It can be used to communicate with hearing and sight impaired users, which makes it even more useful.
The SS E27 + 1 is equipped with an integrated Digital Answering Machine ensuring you never miss that important call .
It's proprietary DCP technology counteracts factors that reduce the clarity of hearing impaired telephones. The handsets also incorporate full duplex speakerphones, which means that unlike many of the alternatives there is no cutting out when both parties speak at the same time. The XDECT Digital Cordless Phones offer Extended Digital Coverage by utilising a Diversity Antenna System for Optimal Reception and Clarity – by mitigating multi-path errors.
It also features a High Gain Antenna for greater range and to eliminate drop out areas in your home.This hearing and visually impaired digital phone is operational under power failure conditions so you can have peace of mind that the phone will work under blackout conditions. This phone system is perfect for people who have suffered hearing loss and visual problems.

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