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This foldable gadget packs two 5 inch touchscreen displays, a built in camera and support for live video, plus it can be connected to a relay interpreter.
DeafCommunicator supports real time translation and it can ease the socializing process of people who are hearing impaired.
Sign Voice Language is a portable device for people who are visually impaired and also for those who are hearing-impaired.

This system involves two gadgets of this type, one for blind and the other for deaf users, each connected to the other via Bluetooth. The DeafCommunicator portable device is the solution to these problems, relying on sign language and digital means of translation. The concept gadget incorporates an LCD that displays text to the hearing-impaired and speakers that deliver the converted version of the sign language to the blind users.

In order to read the sign language, Sign Voice Language Translator uses a camera and its LCD is a touch display.

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