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Meliane Melina Pinto1, Jeziela Cristina Raimundo2, Alessandra Giannella Samelli3, Ana Claudia Martinho de Carvalho3, Carla Gentile Matas4, Gisele Munhoes dos Santos Ferrari5, Sergio Garbi6, Mara Gandara6, Ricardo Ferreira Bento7. Introduction: The earlier the diagnosis and the intervention from the hearing impairment less will be the impact for the development of cognitive abilities, hearing and of speech from the child. Objective: Characterize the age in the diagnosis and the beginning of intervention of the hearing loss and the accompaniment of the assisted children in a public Brazillian hearing health service - Espaco Reouvir from the Clinicas Hospital from the Medical School from the University of Sao Paulo.
Conclusion: The program Reouvir-HCFMUSP still receives children, both for diagnosis and or intervention in a late manner. Janice Lyons, who is deaf and was invited to test out using text messaging to communicate with 911 E-Comm operators, is photographed at the Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Vancouver on March 19, 2014. For the hearing impaired, calling 911 can add frustration and peril to an already urgent situation, often ending with panicked runs to neighbours or bystanders for help.This week, members of Vancouver’s hearing impaired community became the first Canadians who could communicate with 911 operators via text message. Known as T911, the change was required by federal regulators and is a significant development for a community long dependent on bulky teletypewriters.“This is something we’ve waited many years for. Ottawa police announced Wednesday the creation of a text-to-911 service, facilitating 911 contact via cellphone for the deaf and hearing impaired.
Prior to the texting service, conversations would be typed out and sent to emergency responders through landline phones.
Neil Fine, owner of Hear Fine Audiology, says that the service will be good for the deaf community so long as there aren’t unnecessary lags due to typing messages instead of speaking them. The police say that they have been developing this technology over the past year to make emergency responses more accessible to the hearing impaired. The city is spending $250,000 to help Ottawa's home-grown festivals promote themselves to the thousands of tourists expected to visit Ottawa next year for Canada's 150th birthday. Ottawa will join other Ontario municipalities pressuring the province for permission to target speeders using photo radar.
Age at the diagnosis and in the beginning of intervention from hearing impaired children, in a public Brazilian hearing health service. However, still is possible the realization of the accompaniment of a significant number of users of the hearing aids, enabling a process of adaptation more effective. In this scenario, the actions from health in the Basic Attention, in the Services of Attention to Hearing Health in the Middle and High Complexity (that compose the network from the Only System of Health - (SUS) allowing the access to: early identification of hearing impairment by means of newborn hearing screening, monitoring, including diagnosis, clinical treatment, use of the individual hearing aids (HA), following and speech therapy, besides ensuring the capability, technical support and orientation to the family (1). The service won’t be available to the wider public, because hearing-impaired users must first register their phones with authorities. We are committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion, so we ask you to avoid personal attacks, and please keep your comments relevant and respectful. Is a consensus that, the earlier the diagnosis of hearing impairment and the phonoaudiological interventions were made, less will be the impact of the hearing alteration to the development of the cognitive, hearing and speech abilities (2,3,4).However, the break between the suspect of the hearing deficiency by the family, and the audiologic diagnosis and the intervention remains too long.
Do you know of any other hearing impaired or deaf people that could benefit from interpreted Sunday services at church?
Under the system, registered phones dialling 911 can be connected with operators and a text-message session will be initiated.

If you encounter a comment that is abusive, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report spam or abuse. The degree of moderate hearing loss was the most frequent (30,7%), symmetry in both ears was found in 69,9% of the cases and unilateral hearing loss in 2,4%.
The first years of life are considered critical for the development of the speech and hearing abilities, since it is in this period that occur the peak of the process of maturation from the central auditory system, as well as neuronal plasticity from the hearing pathway (4,5,6,7).With the implementation of programs of newborn hearing screening, the professionals working in the area, have searched to decrease the break of time between the suspect of the hearing impairment and the medical intervention and the phonoaudiologist itself (8,9).
The operators will still be able to hear sounds from the user’s phone and track its location.“It’s an incremental improvement to what we already have,” said Chris Langdon, a vice-president at Telus Corp.
The average age in the diagnosis was of 5,46 years and in the intervention was of 6,86 years. There is nothing like being able to be communicated to in one's own language without any barriers in the way, especially when it comes to the life-saving message of the gospel. A total of 96,98% of children had already completed the process of adaptation and 78,32% still remained in the accompaniment. Besides, the periodic accompaniment is critical for the evaluation and the validation of the effective use of sound amplification and for the monitoring of hearing loss.
The participation of the speech therapist and from the medic in this process is of extremely importance, once that these professionals assume the role of state, select, adapt and verify the adequate use and successful of HA (14).
The quick rollout in the Lower Mainland was aided by the local 911 provider, considered one of the most advanced in the country. Its objective is to perform the audiologic diagnosis in children, adults and elderly, treatment of the hearing loss, as well as the adaptation to the HA and hearing rehabilitation.
Proud of being first to introduce the service, E-Comm’s Doug Watson said that many more operators across the country “were hot on their heels.”Calgary’s 911 service will follow on Monday. The degree of the hearing loss was classified according to LLOYD and KAPLAN (1978).This data were plotted and submitted to the statistical analysis, by means of the program Minitab.
The piecemeal rollout has been questioned by some critics.“While this is a good day, it also points out the need for national-level co-ordination,” said Lance Valcour, the outgoing executive director of the Canadian Interoperability Technology Interest Group. Were analyzed the descriptive measures average and standard deviation, as were used the tests chi-square and ANOVA.
Was established a level of significance of 0,05 (5%) and the breaks constituted were of 95% from statistical confidence.RESULTSThe sample was composed by 56% of individuals from the male gender and 44% from the female gender, with significant prevalence from the male gender (p=0,02, chi-square). Lyons has already spoken with rural residents of British Columbia disappointed that they will not have access to the new service.No federal agency is currently responsible for co-ordinating Canada’s 911 system, operated by hundreds of public and private providers across the country. The etiology of the hearing loss predominant was from unknown origin (42,78%), followed by multifactorial hearing losses, that involve children that presented many indicator of risk for hearing loss pre and perinatal associated (18,07%). The degree of hearing loss of most occurrence was the moderate, followed by deep, moderately severe, severe and light (Table 1).
Etiology from the hearing impairment.DISCUSSIONThe hearing deficiency can bring great disturbances to the global development of the child, generating great impact under the community, whether being from the economic point of view or psychosocial. In countries in development, the situation is even more serious, the age described in the identification of the hearing loss ranging from 2 to 7 years (17).In the present research, the sample was constituted by children until 12 years, being 56% from the male gender and 44% from the female gender, with differences statistically significant for that distribution.

This finding agrees with another study from the literatures, which also verified a greater number of individuals from the male gender with hearing impairment among the deaf in Rio de Janeiro (18), and corroborate other investigations that verified a larger number of boys among the children with risk of hearing loss (19,20).The etiology of the predominant hearing losses was from unknown origin, followed by hearing losses of multifactorial etiologies, that involve many indicators of risk for hearing losses associate to pre and perinatal. The WHO emphasized that genetic factors can be responsible for 30% from the prelingual hearing losses, while 20% can be related to problems pre and perinatal (21). Regarding the degree, the hearing losses from lighter degree and moderately severe represented 54,21% of the evaluated children.
This data showed that the average age among the children that initiate the use of HA was of approximately 7 years, agreeing with the literature findings that come from countries in development (24).Is important to highlight that the checked panorama for the population in question, is referring to a previous period from the implementation of universal newborn hearing screening, since that the federal law that instituted this procedure was sanctioned recently, in August from 2010.
The performed evaluations through the following of those kids are from fundamental importance for the verification of the hearing performance obtained by means of using the HA, and also enable to observe the process of development of the oral language and trace the therapeutic goals for each child.
However, still is possible the realization of the follow-up from a significant number of children users from the HA, that integrate the ambulatory, making, therefore a process of adaptation much more effective.BIBLIOGRAPHIC REFERENCES1. From screening to early identification and intervention: discovering predictor to successful outcomes for children with significant hearing loss.
Early hearing detection and intervention services in the public health sector in South Africa. The work of the Village: Creating a new world for children with hearing loss and their families.
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Prevalence and risk factors of hearing impairment among primary-school children in Shebin El-Kom District, Egypt. 159, (Tese de Doutorado em Saude Publica - Centro de Pesquisas Aggeu Magalhaes, Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz).15. Year 2007 Position Statement: principles and guideslines for early hearing detection and intervention programs. Global burden of childhood hearing impairment and disease control priorities for developing countries. Estudo seccional descritivo de criancas com deficiencia auditiva atendidas no Instituto Nacional de Educacao de Surdos, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
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Hearing impairment and poverty: The epidemiology of ear disease in Peruvian schoolchildren. Slight-Mild sensorineural hearing loss in children: Audiometric, clinical, and risk factor profiles.

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