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Why Five Bucks is Too Much for Poker Night at the InventoryDisclaimer: Five bucks is not too much for Poker Night at the Inventory. So that’s the dilemma: is it worth buying a shitty game for five bucks if it comes packed with amazing comedy? Now, not having played Team Fortress 2 I am not qualified to judge the Heavy’s comedic value.
Peanut left an airplane itinerary on my desk, which I guess means she’s leaving me to my own devices next week.
A while ago Peanut bought me a McDonald’s Happy Meal because there was a Batman toy inside.
Clean ALL the things!I spent all morning doing chores, and the goddamn house still isn’t clean.
Everyone I have showed this too has been amazed by it except for one person who is allergic to fun. As I continue to work on my articles about gaming heroines, I’ve identified a few games in my collection I have to play, like, now. Great Gaming Heroines #5: Ashley RobbinsIt all started when I made this weird, rambling post complaining about Samus Aran’s characterization in Other Msome crappy new game I hadn’t even played.
Playing detective is soon-to-be-14-year-old Ashley Robbins, the daughter of two scientists who were doing extensive research into the subject of memory.
The most unique thing about Ashley is she was cast in Trace Memory first and foremost as a child, and not a girl. By contrast, last week when I talked about Polka from Eternal Sonata, I described her as a young adult.
The next layer, once you’ve established that your protagonist is a kid, is what kind of kid is she? During her explorations Ashley frequently loses track of her goal, her focus shattered by some new question or mystery about the island. Being a puzzle-light adventure game, Trace Memory‘s most prominent building block is its vast amount of dialogue. Trace Memory had a Wii sequel last year, which I unfortunately knew nothing about until I started doing the image searches for this post. One thing I’m really bad at, when it comes to my fanbase (such as it is), is answering dumb questions. Next person to tell me Draygon can be killed with the grappling beam gets buried in the Pit of Lava Beetles. Probably not, because that would be incredibly similar to something I’ve already LPed. The answer to this question is either yes or no, but the only person who knows the answer is me-in-the-future. I heard one on the radio this morning, though, that stretched the truth just a little too far.
There’s been this big to-do lately about how so-and-so wants to legally force an FM receiver into the next generation of smart phones.
Well, FF14 gives you a variety of solo options, and it lets you pretty much teleport anywhere you’ve ever been to. It took me an hour to get my keybindings about where I wanted them, and they were miraculously erased next time I went into the game.
My hope for FF14 was that it would be exactly like FF11, just with those three huge issues fixed.
LaboriouslyIf you’ve never had the pleasure of working for corporate America, you might be blissfully unaware of the concept of PTO. See, instead of having traditional sick days or holidays, employees who deal with PTO actually stash a bank of hours.
Years ago Peanut had this pretty sweet gig where she was paid an eight hour shift differential each week. If, for some reason, she didn’t work her entire thirty-two hours, she lost her shift differential. It was the functional equivalent of just switching shifts with a co-worker, but the company wouldn’t allow that. If you’re scheduled to work on the same day as the holiday, you by default get it off. So my PTO is just sitting there, quietly stockpiling, never touched by shift differentials or sign-up sheets.
Strike one, Lost.My journey through Lost continues, and it committed a mortal sin on Disc Three.
What happens is, Charlie and his pregnant-but-not-with-his-baby girlfriend Claire are knocked out and dragged off by cavemen or time travelers or KGB clonewarriors or whatever, and Jack sets off to find them. I have faith that we’re going to see something cool with Charlie down the line, in order to justify this little hiccup. I’m not sure, but I think this is a musical about an Italian man who wants to make love to his dead mother.

Apart from having one of the most brilliantly violent death scenes I’ve ever seen in a horror movie, this one was strictly mediocre. I will very likely spend five bucks on it, and be heavily amused, and you probably should do the same. She doesn’t swoop in and rescue all the hapless adults on Evil Ghost Island, nor does she exhibit many grown-up characteristics herself. Ashley is quite verbose, and her every word is accompanied by some really excellent artwork. Well, no, truth is I still get few enough comments that I have more than enough time to read every single one as it comes in. Actually I think the Shift thing was my fault, because I seem to remember offering to play some custom levels, but then never made good on that offer because I’m a bad person. These lies range from slight embellishments to outright fabrications, but the core of the issue is they want you to believe something that’s just not true. It was advertising the radio station itself, a classic rock station, and was maybe twenty or thirty seconds long.
I quit FF11, back in the day, because travel was excruciating and a solo player could never accomplish anything on his own.
FF14 is still designed to be played with a gamepad, which is usually my preferred interface, but makes no sense to me as an MMO. This one is probably a bug, and sadly is probably the only of my gripes that will actually get fixed. He trips and falls down a hill (Jack is awesome at tripping and falling down hills), gets the hell kicked out of him by the bad guy, and is told point blank, “Quit following me. I feel like his sudden, violent death would have done the show more good than his continued existence, though, because I hate watching these weekly thrillers and feeling like everyone with a name has plot immunity. I get that TV writers have to use some tricks in order to stretch their plots over 20-ish episodes, but this was a little much. If you want a boring movie where nothing happens and which contains no crude sexual remarks, look no further.
It’s like, how much actual poker do I have to play to mine the game for my $5 worth of hilariousness?
I remember being forced to jump through a bunch of hoops and punching in some ridiculous 16-character passcode on four computers and three consoles with the Linksys setup. Basically, this blog is stressing me out, and my LPs are stressing me out, and it feels like gaming in general is stressing me out. I took an inventory of every console game I’ve purchased in the last ten years and made a list, and was shocked to find that there have only been five really memorable heroines who aren’t sultry sex kittens and who don’t have to share their spotlight with some dude.
So forgive me if I’m fond of Trace Memory despite it being a pedestrian collection of fetch quests and DS gimmickry. What I mean is, the first thing that pops into your head when you picture a kid of a specific gender is what toys they play with.
The difference is Polka is just a bog standard pretty-princess anime character with a twist in her backstory.
On one side you have the quintessential super-kid, the kid-who-can-do-no-wrong, who outshines all the adults in the story in both virtue and intelligence. It seems perfectly natural, though, for Ashley’s youthful curiosity to drive her towards solving these dark mysteries for their own sake. Expressiveness goes a long way towards making a good video game character great, and Ashley’s got it in spades.
Point is, I could see myself spending another ten hours with Ashley in another haunted mansion or abandoned science lab or speeding ghost train.
It was a gentleman in his 40s or 50s offering a testimonial about how great he thought the radio station was. I used to have to download all the old classics, which was a hassle, but then I discovered your station and now I can just listen to them for free whenever I want. I quickly fell out of sync with the friends I was playing the game with, and became unable to progress. Anyone who is going to (eventually) play this game on PS3 is going to buy a USB keyboard, because otherwise communication is next to impossible.
You have to push Escape twice to back out of a menu you only needed one button press to get into. If your pinky toe explodes and you need to take the day off to see a doctor and get fitted for a robotic one, you’d accomplish this by cashing in eight PTO hours. Because I work such a nontraditional shift, I’m not subject to the whims of the Holiday Sign-Up sheet. So Jack and his not-pregnant-with-anyone’s-baby-just-yet girlfriend Kate cut Charlie down, blow in his mouth, and bang on his chest for what seems like an eternity. I feel like the only reason Charlie was able to be revived was so Jack could stop doubting himself and have a good hero moment. If Charlie had died there in that tree it would have taken Jack down a peg, which I feel his character really needs.

That still leaves you about a severe head wound and a learning disability away from In the Name of the King.
Everyone in this particular genre of horror flick is trying to be The Ring without actually understanding what it was about The Ring that was so unnerving. The most remarkable thing about it is that it raised the number of good movies Will Farrel has been in to two. Read our Privacy Policy.Mortal Kombat, the dragon logo and all character names are trademarks and copyright of Warner Bros. The gamer part of me realizes what kind of game this money is buying, and it begins frothing and gnashing his teeth. The game works, in spite of its lackluster gameplay, because of the intriguing mystery you spend most of it unraveling. On the other you have the inexplicable adventure-kid, the kid who acts like a grown-up, fights like a grown-up, and is treated equal to the grown-ups, even by all the other grown-ups in the story.
What really shines here is that Ashley’s various gestures and emotes are quite believable, and not marred by overblown cartoonishness. I remember ending my Hotel Dusk post a few months ago by saying that I wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit to get at its upcoming sequel.
These are questions I see frequently in LP video comments, and since they frequently go unaddressed I imagine most LPers approach them from the same angle I do: harmless enough to leave alone, not important enough to devote any attention to. About the only thing I know about computers is which end you’re not supposed to put in the bath tub, so tech support questions are way, way beyond my ken. When you logged into this game you would literally spend thirty minutes getting to the grind spot, then another hour plus finding a decent group. I’m convinced a lot of these stupid problems could be solved simply by making the keyboard a requirement. There is a huge, multi-second delay between you typing a command and your character actually executing it.
Only having four eight-hour shifts a week was pretty nice, but of course our budget was balanced on both of us earning forty hours. If she ever needed a day off she lost the equivalent of a full shift’s pay in addition to the eight hours of PTO she had to cash in. They operate these holidays with a skeleton crew, so what happens is they put out a Holiday Sign-Up sheet.
They pay time-and-a-half on holidays, so you’re working four hours and getting paid for six, but you still need to cash in two hours of PTO to make up the difference. I’ve gotten acclimatized to the setting and have adjusted myself to the trials and tribulations of the wrecked passengers.
Because Aquaman doesn’t have any super-powers which translate well into a spring-loaded hamburger toy, he just has a switch on his back that make his arms go up and down. There were a lot of also-rans and not-quite-greats as well, so I’ll be covering them as well. On one level it’s the tale of a young girl searching for her missing father, and finding him one breadcrumb at a time.
Sometimes, when the grown-ups are talking, Ashley has trouble following their logic and motivations.
No overzealous pointing or giant goofy sweatdrops here, just more reserved character artwork for a more reserved style of game. This is true for obscure JP-only Famicom titles like Booby Kids to rare niche titles like Shantae to PlayStation disc images like Mega Man X4. He sounded like he was speaking on the phone, so the idea is you’re supposed to believe his message was recorded when he called in to the station to pay them a compliment.
When you select any option off of any menu there is that momentary concern that the game didn’t hear you properly. She ended up having to find somewhere to work an extra shift at some point in that pay period if she wanted to make her bills. I don’t actually miss the holiday in my real life, if I had something planned, because nobody celebrates holidays in the middle of the night. Win7 was even smart enough to just know I’d want to be able to access my music library from the laptop in the living room, so I was able to rock out to some Homestuck while doing the dishes. On another it’s a straight-up ghost story involving war, broken dreams, depression and suicide. Freed from the preconceptions of gender roles, though, you might be more inclined to imagine what those kids are like, how they act, the way they talk. I think that’s about the highest praise I can give to a character in the adventures-with-middling-puzzles genre. What they really want is for you to find a download link for them or, better yet, to just give them the file.

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