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Last night,  Jonathan Levine Gallery in Chelsea, NYC opened a group show entitled Detournement : Signs of the Times. Employed brilliantly by the Situationists, whose great philosopher Guy Debord laid out the socio-aesthetic framework for this practice, detournements twist the terms of mimicry in ironic parody using the a semblance of the easily recognizable to dissemble and redirect the literal meaning of signs so as to construe a more honest picture of their deceptive intentions. A natural response to the lies and coercions we are fed on a daily basis, the detournement has been the reactive impulse of all those who question reality, from the Punks who adopted it in the 1970s through Culture Jammers, Adbusters, contemporary street artists and the winding legacy of protest movements from WTO to Occupy. Children with disabilities in poverty-stricken areas of Lima, Peru, reach their potential at a Columban-founded school. Katty Yanez and her mother, Maria, fold clothes that Katty created as part of her life-skills therapy. The nurse called one of the doctors who explained that Katty was fit and healthy but that she would learn much more slowly than other children.
Sonia took her granddaughter to the Manuel Duato School for Special Education the same week Katty was diagnosed with Down syndrome.
The Manuel Duato school was organized by Columbans more than 30 years ago in response to the large numbers of poor Lima families raising children with mental disabilities.

Since age 14, Katty has participated in these workshops in which students learn useful skills such as making handicrafts and jewelry, needlecraft, woodwork, cooking and general cleaning. A teacher at the Manuel Duato School for Special Education works with a hearing-impaired student to improve his lip-reading skills. Maria has accompanied Katty to these classes and has learned the handicraft skills alongside her daughter. This year the school needs a machine that measures the level of hearing impairment of children.
The school’s water system desperately needs an overhaul so we can continue to provide the school with running water and sanitation. Please help Columban Father O’Connell operate the Manuel Duato School for Special Education in Lima, Peru. The show includes works from some big names including Ron English, Shepard Fairey, Jamie Reid, Steve Powers, and Aiko Nakagawa. Just before administering an injection, the nurse commented, “Do you know that there is a school near here for children like your daughter?” Maria was confused by the comment.

Many of the students are preschoolers, while a large number of the children have hearing impairments that make learning difficult. Almost 25% are in occupational therapy which gives the students a chance to participate in workshops that give them life skills for their adult years. Thanks to all her hard work at Manuel Duato, Katty has contributed to the family income by selling the table mats and cloths she learned to make at the school. In the days of darkness, be my Light, so that in turn I can radiate your truth and your message of love, hope, and joy. Last year, Columban benefactors helped us build new classrooms and purchase teaching materials. Columban Fathers) is a not-for-profit corporation organized for religious, educational and charitable purposes, and as such is exempt from Federal Income Tax under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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