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If you suspect a loss, the first thing your doctor shall advice you is to undergo Hearing Tests.
Let us understand what these tests are and how to interpret their results: In this segment we shall take up the PTA test and understand its interpretations. PTA or pure tone audiometry is a hearing test accepted worldwide as a standard protocol for determining hearing levels or hearing loss. The Air conduction thresholds for the right ear are represented by a “O” mark or a “?”; whereas the Air conduction thresholds of the left ear are represented by a “X” symbol or “?” symbol. The interpretation of audiometry test is quite elaborate however for a layman it can be understood in two ways i.e.

Type of hearing Loss: The type of hearing loss can be understood by noting the difference between Air conduction and Bone conduction thresholds of each ear. If not then the audiologist or the hearing professional should determine a correction factor which shall be applied to the overall outcome. The X axis represents the frequencies on which the pure tones are presented and Y axis represents the loudness of the sounds in decibels. In general the denotation of hearing thresholds of right ear is represented by red colour and for left ear by blue. Puretones to the individual, and marks the least audible sounds the individual responds to for each frequency.

Once this is done, the audiologist performs a bone conduction test in which a small vibrator is put on the mastoid region and similar pure tones are presented and thresholds obtained. Here conductive pertains to loss in outer or middle part of the ear, sensorineural pertains to loss in the inner ear and mixed pertains to loss that can be in outer or middle as well as the inner ear. An audiologist may use different procedures for obtaining true thresholds of each individual ear.

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