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Several disorders that cause facial pain can be successfully treated by neurosurgical procedures.
In general, the length of the list of the patients symptoms is directly proportional to the likelihood of treatment failure. The following journal articles and books formed the basis of our observations along with our own personal experience. We treat over 100 people with trigeminal neuralgia each year - making us one of largest treatment centers.
It is important to accurately diagnose the disorder and identify the best treatment for each disorder. The support group provides an opportunity for patients and their families to share experiences, receive support, and learn about advances in treatments, pain control, and medications. Our neurosurgeons are experts at diagnosing the various types of facial pain, including trigeminal neuralgia, glossopharyngeal neuralgia, cluster headache, and hemifacial spasm.
We provide it to patients and those who are knowledgeable about trigeminal neuralgia treatments. In the absence of randomized prospective studies, standardized methods of reporting, and standardized outcome criteria, it is difficult to compare the results of various surgical procedures and the different reported series of the same surgical procedure.
This information is not intended to replace the medical advice of your health care provider. We are one of the few centers to offer all available treatment options: microvascular decompression, percutaneous rhizotomy, and radiosurgery.
John Tew is a world expert in trigeminal neuralgia and has treated over 4,000 patients during the past 40 years.
Nevertheless, several important observations emerge from reviews of the literature and personal experience.
He developed the curved-tip electrode for PSR, has published numerous articles, and serves on the TNA Medical Advisory Board.

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