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Although the tumor is not likely to be cancerous, it is important to remove it in most patients because of the physical problems it can cause. Glomus cells are specialized cells that are found in some blood vessels, as well as along nerves. They act to detect changes in the bloodstream, such as the presence of a certain chemical or a change in temperature. The jugular foramen region of the temporal bone in the skull contains many nerve bundles with glomus cells.

These are thought to be acquired mutations that cause the tumors, rather than hereditary genes.
This means that mutations causing the tumors are acquired during a persons lifetime and are not passed on from one generation to the next. The symptoms, as well as an examination of the ear and throat area, can indicate that a tumor may be present. Either test can give a doctor a detailed image of the area in question and confirm or deny the presence of a tumor.

If it is not removed, it will continue to grow slowly and cause more problems as it gets bigger.

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