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The sound can’t reach the inner ear normally due to a problem with either the outer ear or the middle ear.
Some possible causes are wax build up, external and middle ear infections or other medical conditions. Some possible causes are exposition to loud noise, normal aging or other medical conditions. The effects of a sensorineural hearing loss and sometimes of a permanent conductive hearing loss may be diminished with the use of hearing aids. Some other equipment may help people with a hearing loss such has amplified telephones and personal amplification systems for the television.
Auditory deprivation describes a significant decrease in an unaided ear’s ability to recognize speech and a decrease in general hearing ability due to a lack of auditory stimulation. When you get a hip or knee replacement, the day after surgery, the physical therapists encourage you to walk. The body’s various systems – skeletal, sensory, muscular and other systems will atrophy – become weakened – with prolonged non-use.
Hearing loss is most often gradual in nature, and therefore, a hearing problem may not be evident for some time. There is a growing collection of research and detailed studies that indicate that individuals with hearing loss are better helped when they act quickly to resolve their hearing difficulties. The key to avoid auditory deprivation and an adverse affect on your hearing is to keep the auditory system active and not to let the parts of the auditory system stay dormant. Children are often diagnosed with hearing problems quicker, as there are programs within newborn units to assess high risk children. In normal-hearing individuals, the sound that is processed through the auditory system is not actually interpreted as sound until the auditory centers in the brain are activated.

Under-stimulated and under-utilized centers of the brain also tend to weaken or atrophy as a result of auditory deprivation. Several researchers have found that accompanying the decrease in speech recognition ability with the unaided ear, there may be a small increase in the aided ear that is referred to as acclimatization (Gatehouse, 1989). The extent to which late-onset auditory deprivation occurs varies and is quite likely dependant upon the degree of hearing loss that an individual presents with. Dillon (2001) suggests that the phenomenon of decreased speech discrimination ability may be more complex than just merely a lack of stimulation. Dillon (2001) suggest that a better term than auditory deprivation would be Auditory Inferiority, Auditory Inactivity, or Lazy Ear.
A person that chooses to ignore their hearing problems and does not treat their hearing loss with hearing aids results in the nerves and areas of the brain to be deprived of stimulation and gradually become weakened. An honest attempt at the consumer level to save money by only purchasing one hearing aid may, in fact, be causing more harm. Other causes of deprivation include a unilateral conductive impairment, a conductive hearing loss, a mixed hearing loss or an improper hearing aid fitting or lack of follow up care. There are many causes of auditory deprivation and no shortage of individuals who experience it. Numerous studies indicate that the auditory system can recover from the effects of auditory deprivation. While the exact time course of auditory deprivation is still unknown, there seems to be a general consensus that individual speech scores can significantly decrease anywhere from 7 months to five years.
Therefore, the sooner the hearing loss is recognized and the sooner an individual gets treatment for hearing loss, the more success they will have in the long term. The vast majority of studies that investigated improvement in speech recognition scores following corrective action show an significant increase.

Research clearly indicates that the longer you ignore hearing loss, the more difficult it is to treat.
Many individuals my give up using a second hearing aid as they may find the sound quality poorer than when only using one hearing aid (Hurley, 1993). Today’s latest hearing aids are better than ever (lightweight, sleek, discrete) and packed with benefits that make hearing fun again. At The Hearing Loss Clinic, you have access to the most caring and qualified hearing health care professionals who are whole-heartedly committed to your well-being. We are extremely fortunate to work in a strong team and family environment that enables us to put our clients’ needs and wants at the forefront while we continue to support the internal processes necessary to ensure the precise delivery of our products and services.  We continually strive to meet the desires of each and every one of our client’s hearing healthcare needs by providing unparalleled service informed by an up-to-date knowledge of innovative communication technologies. We have 3 locations in Calgary: North, North West and South and an office in each Okotoks, Cranbrook and Creston, and Invermere, British Columbia. It functions optimally when all the parts are given a workout each day, whether it’s a brisk walk around the block, a workout at the gym, a swim at the cottage, etc. It has been proven that the sooner you get to work on that stainless steel body part, the faster your recovery period. Research has shown consistently that when there is a hearing loss in both ears and only one ear is fit with a hearing aid, the auditory nerve in the unaided ear can atrophy, resulting in auditory deprivation. The human body operates on a “use it or lose it” scenario and the auditory system is no different.

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