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98% of our Clinical & Medical Negligence claims are funded through ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreements, which are formally known as Conditional Fee Agreements. Slater and Gordon Lawyers is home to the largest group of family Lawyers in the country with offices across England & Wales.
Slater and Gordon help business people across the UK providing legal representation on a variety of areas that are likely to impact you and your business. Our Group and Specialist Litigation team has dealt with countless cases helping people with complex legal issues from the recent Interest Rate Swap campaign to the PIP implant scandal. Richard is a personal injury lawyer specialising in noise induced hearing loss at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in Cardiff. He also has experience in other areas of civil litigation to include general high street practice civil litigation, professional  negligence and clinical negligence.
I'm grateful for the support that you've given me and all the hard work you did in getting a very successful outcome.
Meet the teamWe are very proud of our history together as a team, there is no doubt that our clients benefit from our combined experience.

Our Solicitors deal with every type of personal injury claim from car accidents to Asbestos compensation claims. Our standing is confirmed by our solo top-tier ranking achieved in the professional directories, and the awards we have won for our employment services.
Contact us to give advice on your issue along with information on flexible pricing and fixed fee services. Slater and Gordon (UK) LLP is authorised & regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. The claim could have been a really hard thing to cope with but the kindness, compassion and efficient way that you work made it a lot easy to cope with. Julia, Mark and Peter have worked together since 1993, Ann-Marie joined them in 2001 and Gill was an addition to the team in 2003.Julia Briano. But this claim means my husband can rest in peace knowing that his family are financially secure which as you know was all he was concerned about even in the last few days at the hospice. Prior to setting up Festival Law with Ann-Marie,  Julia headed up a successful Personal Injury Department and Medical Negligence team for a number of years.

Julia has successfully recovered compensation for thousands of people and is experienced in handling all types of claims to include road traffic accidents, employers liability claims with an emphasis on industrial disease both hearing loss and asbestos related and also clinical negligence claims. As well as the mainstream claims Ann-Marie also acts for clients who have suffered sexual assaults. Peter has acted for over 7000 claimants who were pursuing Asbestos Compensation Claims or Industrial deafness cases against a car company in Oxford. However, her main area of interest and expertise is dealing with occupational disease claims such as deafness and vibration white finger, but her speciality is dealing with asbestos related claims.

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