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The goal of SICHL is to devise treatments that repair the damaged inner ear and restore lost hearing, quiet tinnitus, and improve balance.
Hearing loss is the most common congenital sensory impairment, affecting up to 1 in 500 newborns, and 1 in 300 children by the age of 4. We are discovering that almost all of these causes of hearing loss, whether from noise exposure, chemicals, or aging, have significant genetic components. We are using advanced genomic technologies to facilitate the discovery of new deafness genes. About Forrest ClarkForrest was born and raised in North Carolina, and recently graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in political science.

A few hundred genes are thought to be involved in hearing loss, but to date only half of them have been identified. The first direct benefit of the discovery of these genes for patients will be the availability of comprehensive genetic diagnostic testing. Rude comments, those containing personal attacks, or anything criticising how this blog is run or monetized, will be deleted immediately.
Later on in life, exposure to chronic infection, noise and chemicals can cause further hearing loss.
At SICHL, our research is dedicated to characterizing this missing knowledge by discovering these genes.

Age-related hearing impairment (ARHI) is the most common sensory deficit of the elderly, since it eventually affects all individuals.

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