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Botswana-based company Solar Ear has just released a low-cost hearing aid that comes with rechargeable batteries. Solar Ear employs deaf and hearing-impaired people almost exclusively, and has decided not to patent its products. As scientific advancements improve, treatments for hearing loss will become more effective and accessible. 1938 News has a team of news reporters across the world keeping an eye out for new and interesting information. The regimen, known as PaMZ, has produced positive results in clinical studies and, if successful, would eliminate the need for injectable drugs and reduce the cost of MDR-TB therapy in some countries by more than 90 percent in those patients whose TB organisms are sensitive to the three drugs.
Bill Gates, co-chair of the Gates Foundation, who announced the new funding at a product developers meeting in Seattle said the treatment could "reduce the time required to cure drug-resistant TB from two years to just six months" and sharply cut the cost of a cure in low-income countries from thousands of dollars to just a fraction of that cost. The new medications are being added to existing regimens because TB patients must always take drugs in combination with other drugs to prevent the development of resistance.
Introducing new drugs individually, "you still have the same duration of therapy, increased cost, and more toxicities," he said.
Along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the UKa€™s Department for International Development, the United States Agency for International Development and other have contributed to this trial, although additional funding is needed to sustain the new and expanded commitments for the STAND trial. Resources: Please also refer to the factsheet and infographic as developed by the TB Alliance.

According to a study by Johns Hopkins University, people with untreated hearing loss are at twice the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia as people with unimpaired hearing. The Solar Ear batteries cost about $1, and last between two and three years, as compared to traditional batteries, which usually have to be replaced weekly. The company is also developing apps for smartphones, in an attempt to reach its goal of assisting 100 million people by 2020.
By introducing a virus into the ear, Novartis scientists hope to stimulate the growth of cochlear hair cells, which vibrate and send signals of sound waves to the brain.
With time, people’s lives will be improved and hearing loss will become a thing of the past. The new trial was announced by the TB Alliance and will be carried out by partners around the world. It will be tested in a Phase 3 clinical trial named STAND (Shortening Treatments by Advancing Novel Drugs).
He called on other funding groups to back the trial, which is estimated to cost $58 million. However, PaMZ would be a new regimen on its own, according to Mel Spigelman, TB Alliancea€™s president and chief executive. Treating hearing loss can be expensive and inaccessible for many people, with hearing aids alone costing upwards of $500.

For people in developing countries who may earn only $1 a day, the rechargeable batteries are expected to make a huge difference. The apps will allow the phone to function as a hearing aid, conduct hearing tests, and improve individuals’ hearing.
When a human’s hair cells die, they are gone forever, but in other animals like birds and fish, they regenerate. Many current drugs for drug-resistant TB have side effects such as hearing loss and nausea.
The charger, hearing aid, and batteries can be sold together at a profit for approximately $100.
The virus introduced into the ear is harmless, but takes over certain cells to produce a protein which will change the cell into a hair cell.
The treatment is currently undergoing human trials, but, as it is easily washed out of the ear, finding a permanent application may take some time.

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