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If you have an excessive amount of ear wax in your ear, removing it will restore hearing to normal, however, consulting with your physician is the best course if this is a constant occurrence.
Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is Singapore's flagship hospital offering comprehensive range of medical specialties and services for our patients spanning over two centuries.
He was not satisfied with the diagnosis as he recalled during his primary school days, there was a hearing test and he was referred to the children’s clinic where a “gunshot wash” was given to him.
He wants to know where he can go for the same type of treatment that he had received as a child.
A The human ear is designed to be self-cleaning, where ear wax (also called cerumen) migrates out of the external ear canal and onto the skin of the external ear (pinna). When the ear wax is unable to migrate out, it tends to become impacted in the external ear canal. This can develop suddenly in the case of a sudden expansion of the ear wax after a swim, for instance.
The hearing loss can also develop slowly over several months, in which the ear wax slowly builds up in the external ear canal and completely occludes it. This is available in certain general practice clinics as well as at ear, nose and throat specialist clinics.
The first problem is that it is a “blind” procedure, as the ear canal is not visualised during this procedure.
In some patients who have a hole in the ear drum (tympanic membrane perforation), water flushed will also enter the middle ear and predispose them to infection. Lastly, the water may also lead to rapid expansion of the ear wax, which may aggravate the impaction. The safer way to remove ear wax is to have it removed professionally by an ear, nose and throat surgeon, who directly visualises the external ear canal with a microscope while removing the ear wax with a suction apparatus or various microscopic instruments. As the surgeon is able to see the ear canal during the procedure, accidental damage to the ear drum and external ear canal can be avoided. In your son’s case, where he had a hearing test and was subsequently referred to a children's clinic during his primary school days, it would be important to determine if the hearing loss was really due to the impacted ear wax or some other reason.
There are numerous causes of hearing loss, including problems in the external ear, middle ear and the inner ear. It would therefore be a good idea to consult an ear, nose and throat specialist if the hearing loss persists despite clearing out the ear wax. Relax and unwind with this safe and effective procedure to gently remove excess ear wax and debris. Please DOWNLOAD the voucher from your NiceDeal account, also MUST print & present physical 'NiceDeal' coupon upon redemption.
Vouchers are non-exchangeable & non-refundable for cash or other products and are not valid for other promotions, discounts or membership privileges.
While hearing loss due to a build up of wax may require cleaning, hearing loss due noise exposure may require customized ear plugs or earmuffs.

When an audiologist is able to identify the cause of hearing loss they can provide solutions to prevent further hearing loss. After surgical removal under general anesthesia the specimen must be sent for pathological evaluation to rule out malignancy.
Dr Paulose FRCS, DLO is a Consultant ENT Plastic & Laser Surgeon with over 38 years of world class experience in Ear, Nose, Throat and Laser Surgery treating patients across the world from UK, US, Middle East to Asia. The middle ear consists of the eardrum membrane, an air filled cavity and ossicular chain and  the Eustachian Tube which joins the back of the nasal passages.
The eardrum, or tympanic membrane (abbreviated TM), is the dividing structure between the outer and middle ear.  It is a very thin membrane is stretched across the ear canal and is quite stiff, but flexible. Behind the ear drum is an air filled cavity which houses the 3 middle ear bones– the hammer (malleus), anvil (incus) and stirrup (stapes).  These 3 tiny bones or ossicles are connected forming a ‘chain’. The middle ear cavity is filled with air and is connected to the back of the nose and throat by the eustachian tube. The 3 loops at the top form the organ of balance, the semicircular canals, and the snail shaped part is the organ of hearing, the cochlea. The inner ear contains a fluid-filled cochlea that is lined with thousands of tiny hair cells.
Noise induced Hearing lossExposure to loud noises may also cause damage to the cochlea in the inner ear, resulting in a permanent sensorineural hearing loss.  Noise induced hearing loss may be as a result of prolonged exposure to loud sounds, or may be caused by one incident of exposure to a loud noise. Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL)- indicates there is damage to inner ear hair cells or in the  hearing nerve pathway and sound cannot reach the brain where it is processed. Conductive hearing loss (CHL) – occurs when the sound waves are blocked in the outer or middle ear and cannot pass through to the inner ear. Mixed Hearing Loss – Mixed hearing loss is a combination of both conductive and sensorineural hearing losses. The degree of hearing loss is defined in ranges of mild, moderate, moderately severe, severe and profound.
Untreated hearing loss affects our emotional and social well-being, our relationships with friends and family, overall quality of life and general health.  For people still in the workplace, hearing loss may have a negative impact on promotions, safety in the workplace and job security as well. If you think you or one of your family members may have a hearing loss, follow these 3 easy steps to better hearing and get all the information you need.
SOLUTIONS  Together we tailor  a solution for you.  We discuss your hearing needs and preferences to be sure we develop a solution to suit you.
Each hearing aid is like a mini computer and is programmed based on a prescription to match your hearing loss and preferences  After your hearing aid has been fitted, we then have a follow up consultation in about 2 weeks time. We recommend a yearly check- up to monitor your hearing levels and provide you with some tips and tactics to better hearing that can help you especially  in those more difficult listening situations. About UsAt Hear Better we are committed to improving your hearing and helping you manageyour long-term hearing health. A punctured eardrum can happen for many reasons, such as sudden loud sounds or sticking an object into the ear so far that damage to the tympanic membrane (eardrum) is the result.

The keratin plug seen in keratosis obturans appears like a geometrically patterned keratin plug within the lumen of expanded ear canal.
CT scan of temporal bones may reveal canal erosion and widening of the external auditory canal. It serves to collect or ‘funnel’ sounds into the ear canal and help us know the direction of sound. Ear Wax accumulates in the ear canal and serves as a protective barrier to the skin from bacteria and moisture.  Ear wax is normal unless it completely blocks the ear canal.
Conductive loss can be treated through medicine or surgery; sensorineural hearing loss is permanent, but can benefit from hearing aids. If hearing aids are recommended we  will help you chose what is best suited to your hearing loss, lifestyle, preferences and budget.
At the follow up appointment we will discuss your progress with the aids, make any fine tuning adjustments if necessary and discuss long term care. This occurs more frequently when the external ear canal is crooked or narrow, such that the wax is unable to migrate out of the ear canal easily. These keratin squames are shed from the complete circumference of the deep ear canal forming a lamina.
The action causes nerve impulses to travel up the auditory nerve to the brain to be interpreted as sound. It can be caused by a blockage, such as fluid or ear wax, or can be due to an underlying infection of the outer, middle, or inner ear.
As we age, our hearing reduces naturally due to the destruction of tiny hair cells in the cochlea, located in the inner ear.
Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics in the form of ear drops to prevent infection during the healing process. Loud sounds can not always be avoided, but if you work in a place where loud sounds are common, wearing a protective devices over your ears will greatly reduce your risk for losing your hearing. Repeated ear infections, such as otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear) usually caused by colds and possibly allergies can cause hearing loss in one or both ears at the same time, resulting in a build up of fluid that prevents sound waves and electrical impulses from reaching the brain.
As sound waves enter the ear they vibrate against the eardrum and other structures of the ear that are relayed to the brain to produce the sound we hear. Anything that hinders this process greatly reduces our ability to hear, and may even result in sounds being "muffled". Hearing loss in itself is not life threatening, but can change the way you interact with your environment and others around you. Atmospheric pressure changes as the plane ascends into the sky, causing your ears to "pop" or feel clogged up which can cause extreme pain.

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