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If you're worried you may have suffered some hearing loss, you shouldn't wait till your next routine doctor's visit. Instead you can inform you GP, who may carry out some preliminary tests at the surgery, or may refer you for specialist investigation. Sensorineural hearing loss, caused by changes in the inner ear, is a more common cause of hearing loss in older people. This loss happens as the cochlea in the inner ear becomes less effective at picking up sound, especially high-pitched ones, often causing difficulty following conversation in a noisy environment.
Sensorineural hearing loss is assessed by audiometry: you listen through earphones to sounds of different frequencies and volumes, and the equipment records how loud a sound must be at any given frequency for you to be able to hear it. Hearing aids are battery-powered, designed to amplify sounds by means of a tiny microphone, amplifier and speaker. Many different types of hearing aids are available on the NHS, including digital hearing aids.
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Prompt access for the over-50s to diagnosis and treatment at our extensive list of private hospitals. It is estimated that one in six people of the population in the UK have a hearing loss and people fail to address the problem on average for up to ten years. Having a hearing loss can have a negative effect on your private life, in social situations and career if not addressed. Unaddressed hearing loss can lead to anxiety, lacking confidence and in extreme cases can lead to isolation and depression. In recent studies a link to Dementia has been established with people who have untreated hearing loss.
It is recommended that anyone from the age of 45 years should have an annual hearing test as one does with a dental check or eye test. A free hearing test is also available over the telephone from hearing charity the Royal National Institute for the Deaf. Many people find their hearing becomes less acute once they are past the age of 50, and the majority of over 70s has some degree of sensorineural hearing loss. However, many people, especially those experiencing an age-related decline in their hearing - can benefit from using a hearing aid.

It is essential that they are properly fitted and adjusted to precisely match an individual's level of hearing loss. Ask your doctor for details of your nearest NHS Hearing Aid Centre or contact the RNID which has comprehensive information on all types of hearing aids.
People will change their lifestyle around their hearing problem rather than use the simple solution of wearing hearing aids. To others, a person's hearing loss is not the obvious conclusion as to why someone may seem a little withdrawn and non-communicative.
Even once this adjustment has been made, many people find they must persevere for some time before the notice any real improvement in their hearing.

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