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It’s simple- the longer you are subject to noise and the louder the noise is, the worse the damage will be.
Hearing expert Billy Martin from the Oregon Health & Science University said it best in an article from June of 2011 when he stated, “1our ears are extremely sensitive devices- they’re designed for when you’re walking in the woods and you hear a twig break, signaling that the bear that ate your friend last week is close”. The process of hearing begins with the transmission of sound waves through the canal that carries sound waves from your visible external ear to the structures of the middle and inner ear that function to transmit mechanical vibrations into sensorineural input that is sent to the brain. As this video beautifully illustrates, the mechanical vibrations of the stapes cause vibrations to occur within the cochlea that subsequently stimulates sensory inner ear hair cells. Although there are numerous hearing aids available on the market, there are currently no widely accessible regenerative therapies for hearing loss specifically aimed at the regeneration of sensory hair cells.
We are still years away from being able to supply commercially available and financially responsible stem cell-based therapies for sensorineural hearing loss to the public, but these findings fuel cautious optimism for the field of regenerative medicine and ultimately give our next generation of hearing impaired individuals a reason to be optimistic about long-term regenerative therapies. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that, this is great blog. You want to be in the music business, you want to play in clubs and make records, but how much thought have you given to your hearing? It’s not all doom and gloom, there are simple things you can do to protect your hearing and hear banging tunes forever.
Invest in good quality headphones that cancel out background noise, so that you don’t need to turn it up so loud. Be the first to act and tell your friends who are still putting their head in the speakers. Listening to loud music over long periods of time can damage your hearing temporarily, but repeated exposure can lead to permanent hearing damage. Custom made earplugs provide the best fit, comfort and sound to help musicians and DJs to protect their hearing.
All the top DJs wear earplugs and many support the Action on Hearing Loss campaign Loud Music, which encourages music lovers to listen to music safely. More than one billion young people risk damaging their hearing through listening to loud music, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday. The WHO estimates that around half of those between the ages of 12 and 35 in middle- and high-income countries are at risk due to unsafe levels of sound on personal audio devices or smartphones. Another 40 percent are at risk from damaging audio levels at concert venues and night clubs.
The UN health agency considers a volume above 85 decibels for eight hours or 100 decibels for 15 minutes as unsafe.

The vuvuzela, a popular wind instrument used in stadiums during the football World Cup in South Africa in 2010, has a sound intensity of 120 decibels and over nine seconds of exposure could result in irreversible hearing damage.
To counter the risks, the WHO recommends that personal audio devices should not be used for more than an hour a day, at reduced sound levels. The use of ear plugs in loud conditions and regular check ups were part of the recommendations as well. The WHO also wants governments to play a role by imposing strict regulations on noise in public places. Today, a seemingly exponential number of adolescents and young-adults subject their ears to daily ototoxic levels of noise- noise that is loud enough to cause irreversible hearing loss.
Our ears weren’t made for the constant barrage of noise that my generation has grown-up with.
These sensory hair cells release neurotransmitters completing the transformation of mechanical vibrations into sensorineural input that can be interpreted by our brain as sound.  These sensory hair cells are of critical importance!
However, a recent discovery by researchers from Massachusetts Eye and Ear and Harvard Medical School grant an optimistic outlook to hearing restoration through regenerative therapies. However, as with the rest of the human body, the promotion of health and wellness must be implemented as the primary defense against the advancement of the aging process with specific regards to hearing loss. Loud music can in fact cause hearing loss and also accelerates damage to irreplaceable sensory hair cells. Here's why you should stopBrain size may determine response to post-traumatic stress disorder treatmentWant to get glowing skin this summer? The simple fact is loud music can permanently damage your hearing or give you tinnitus, that ‘ringing in your ears’ you’ve probably had after a night clubbing.
Here are some handy tips to looking after your ears and having a long and successful music career! These are used by amateurs and professionals for hearing protection as they have filters suitable for reducing the sound level to the level you want, helping musicians to protect their most important asset.
In addition to noise related causes and ageing, it is also brought on by infectious diseases, genetic conditions, complications at birth, and use of certain drugs.
As the graph below illustrates, ‘noise-inducing hearing damage is related to the duration and volume of exposure’. The tympanic membrane is what you would contact if you shoved a Q-tip as far into your ear as you can (please do not attempt this). For whatever reason, we are only born with 3,500 sensory hair cells- and they do not regenerate.

Researchers applied a drug to stem cells isolated from the ear and were able to restore hearing to deaf mice. A good rule of thumb for ear safety- if you have headphones on and you cannot hear the person next to you speak then your music is probably too loud (of course, assuming you aren’t wearing noise cancelling headphones).
They’re small and inconspicuous and have special acoustic filters to ensure that music and other ambient sounds such as speech remain clearly audible. We want our readers to be responsible while commenting and to consider how their views could be received by others. It is also what physicians examine when they peer into your ear to assess the general health of your ear.
Thus, the root of hearing loss due to old age is via damage to and eventual loss of these sensory hair cells. 2For the first time ever, researchers demonstrated that “hair cells can be regenerated in an adult mammalian ear”.  Senior author Dr. Earplugs help you to continue enjoying your music, whilst protecting your ears from long term damage. Please be polite and do not use swear words or crude or sexual language or defamatory words.
The tympanic membrane causes the subsequent stepwise vibration of three bony ossicles found in the middle ear. This is why you should turn down your music- ototoxic levels of noise accelerates the aging process of your ear by damaging the irreplaceable sensory hair cells which induce hearing loss.
Our good friends at Action on Hearing Loss have provided us with their top tips to make sure you keep safe and don’t damage that most precious commodity…your hearing!
Some nightclubs and studios can reach volumes of 110dB(A) which is well above the level where noise is damaging to you hearing.
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Young people should be aware that once you lose your hearing, it won't come back," said Shelley Chadha, a WHO specialist on hearing impairment.

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