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Scientists at the Institut Pasteur, Inserm, the CollA?ge de France and Pierre & Marie Curie University, working closely with scientists at the University of Auvergne, have recently discovered the function of pejvakin, a molecule that plays a vital role in the hearing system. In 2006, the team led by Christine Petit in the Institut Pasteur's Genetics & Physiology of Hearing Unit, especially Sedigheh Delmaghani, working in cooperation with Paul Avan's team at the University of Auvergne's Laboratory of Sensory Biophysics, identified a new gene that was responsible for early-onset sensorineural hearing loss.
The scientists, particularly Sedigheh Delmaghani, studied young mice whose pejvakin gene had been inactivated. The auditory sensory cells in people with impaired pejvakin were observed to be extremely vulnerable to noise. The scientists will now look into possible techniques to restore the function of pejvakin, particularly using gene therapy, which has already proved successful in conserving hearing in mice lacking in pejvakin, even when they are overexposed to noise. Hypervulnerability to sound-exposure through impaired adaptive proliferation of peroxisomes, Cell, November 5, 2015. If you're concerned about losing your hearing because of noise exposure (earbud deafness syndrome), a new discovery published online in the FASEB Journal offers some hope. A specific protein found in the bridge-like structures that make up part of the auditory machinery of the inner ear is essential for hearing.
UNSW researchers have answered the longstanding question of how the brain balances hearing between our ears, which is essential for localising sound, hearing in noisy conditions and for protection from noise damage. Hearing loss is linked with accelerated cognitive decline in older adults, but the use of hearing aids may help safeguard seniors' memory and thinking skills. Dandruff is not caused by a fungus, as many believe, but by an imbalance between two competing bacteria that naturally colonise the human scalp, according to a study released Thursday. It's rare for scientists to get what they describe as "clean" results without spending a lot of time repeating the same experiment over and over again. Synthetic sugar-based molecule activates the immune system and could serve as a vaccine against C.
One of the most complex human organs is the digestive tract: Here, the body comes into contact with all manner of diet-derived compounds and with countless bacteria.
Patients were included in the GWAS series on the basis of the availability of germline DNA and audiology assessments, and no significant difference was observed in demographic or clinical features between patients included and excluded. Department of Paediatrics, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, Singapore. Department of Haematology and Oncology, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Department of Oncology, The Royal Children's Hospital, Parkville, Victoria, Australia.

Department of Pediatrics, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
Supplementary Figure 5: Association results of SNPs around the top GWAS signal at the ACYP2 locus in the discovery GWAS.
Supplementary Figure 6: Associations of ACYP2 SNP (rs1872328) genotype with cisplatin-induced ototoxicity, stratifying on ancestry, craniospinal irradiation and treatment protocols. Risk allele frequency at rs1872328 is plotted for patients with different degrees of ototoxicity including patients from all ancestry groups (a) and genetically defined European Americans only (b). Patients were included in the replication series on the basis of the availability of germline DNA and audiology assessments. Variants in exonic regions of ACYP2 were examined by Sanger sequencing in 257 children included in the discovery GWAS and replication cohort.
ACYP2 expression levels (retrieved from GSE11582 in the NCBI GEO database) are positively related to cisplatin IC50 (Am.
The negative logarithm of the observed (y axis) and the expected (x axis) P value is plotted for each SNP (dot), and the black line indicates the null hypothesis of no true association.
This journal is a member of and subscribes to the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics. The absence of this molecule appears to be responsible for noise-induced hearing loss, one of the most common causes of deafness. This gene codes for a protein which was given the name "pejvakin" (which means "echo" in Persan).
Their observations revealed an astonishing variation in hearing impairments from one mouse to the next, ranging from mild to profound hearing loss. They observed that in mice without pejvakin, the auditory sensory cells are damaged as soon as they are exposed to even seemingly harmless sounds - the equivalent of a minute spent in a nightclub for humans. When a standard hearing test was performed on these hearing-impaired individuals, the responses of their auditory sensory cells and neurons, although normal to begin with, gradually worsened as the test went on as a result of the sounds used. Urban crowding means that large cities are getting noisier, particularly in developing countries. Patients were first treated with different dosages of irradiation depending upon risk groups, followed by four cycles of cisplatin-containing chemotherapy. Cisplatin-related hearing loss assessment was based on audiology data between 9 and 24 months from the initiation of therapy. The top two principal components are shown, and colors discriminate different self-reported ancestry groups.

The scientists' discovery, which was published on November 5 in the journal Cell, offers new prospects for the treatment of this condition. Audiometric tests performed on individuals with mutations in this gene subsequently revealed an unusually high level of diversity in hearing impairments, in terms of both severity and characteristics. Young mice are highly vocal for the first three weeks after they are born, particularly when feeding.
WHO predicts that by 2030, one billion people will be at risk of noise-induced hearing loss.
The audiology examination closest to 24 months and the worse grade for the two ears were used to determine ototoxicity status. This latest study, carried out by scientists from the Institut Pasteur, Inserm, the CollA?ge de France, Pierre & Marie Curie University and the University of Auvergne, aimed to clarify the reasons for this heterogeneity. Each shape represents a patient carrying the variant, with open and filled shapes indicating individuals negative or positive for ototoxicity, respectively. These audiograms may be from one individual at different times, but frequently they are from different members of the same family segregating deafness usually in an autosomal dominant fashion. The scientists observed that as the number of mice in the cage increased, so did their hearing threshold - the minimum sound level at which they are able to hear sounds.
The scientists also identified the noise-sensitive element in the cell as being the peroxisome, a small organelle involved in detoxification.
Using direct, controlled acoustic stimulation, the scientists were able to prove that the auditory system of mice lacking in pejvakin is affected by their acoustic environment. When you have lupus your body's defence mechanism - your immune system goes into overdrive and starts to attack certain body organs.
However, we don't yet know what percentage of the population is either lacking in pejvakin or has a less effective form of the protein.
The wider community does not appreciate that people with this chronic illness have difficulty filling multiple and social roles. When you have lupus your body's defence mechanism - your immune system goes into overdrive and starts to attack certain body organs.

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