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Current guidelines for treating high blood pressure are to lower systolic blood pressure to below 140 mg Hg and below 130 mm Hg for adults with kidney disease or diabetes. Would the benefits of lower blood pressure guidelines outweigh the cons associated with more aggressive treatment and higher medication dosage?
The Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial (SPRINT) began in the fall of 2009, including 9300 participants 50 years of age or older. Group 2: Target systolic blood pressure of less than 120 mm Hg and received, on average, three blood pressure medications. The more aggressive approach with group 2 reduced rates of cardiovascular disease by 33% and risk of death by almost 25% compared to group 1.

One question is whether or not a lower blood pressure means less blood delivered to the brain and kidneys and the impact on dementia. You do not need to take action now, but be aware guidelines could shift and your doctor may discuss a new treatment approach at a future appointment. The information shared by Lisa Nelson RD is for educational purposes and is intended to support not replace the professional medical advice you receive from your doctor.
The most commonly prescribed treatment is blood pressure medication, which can be effective, but includes potential side effects.
These results, as well as impact on kidney disease and cognitive function, are still being analyzed.

You should always consult with your physician before starting a fitness regimen, adding supplements to your diet regimen, or any other changes that can affect your medications or treatment plan. SPRINT is the first study to investigate the impact of maintaining a systolic blood pressure at a lower level than current guidelines and the impact on cardiovascular and kidney disease. Many blood pressure medications are available as generics, so cost is not necessarily a deterrent to this more aggressive approach.

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