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Patients who suffered spinal cord injuries during epidural steroid injections are cheering a decision by the Food and Drug Administration to require drug makers to put warning labels on injectable corticosteroids. Injecting steroids into the epidural space of the spine to relieve pain caused by childbirth or back problems has been a widespread practice for decades.
Epidural steroid injections are increasingly being used to treat back pain of all kinds, with nearly 9 million spinal injections annually in the U.S. The FDA said it began investigating the safety of epidural steroid injections “when we became aware of medical professionals’ concerns” and after reviewing its own adverse event database. Anderson has been lobbying the FDA to require warning labels for corticosteroids such as Pfizer’s Depo-Medrol (Methylprednisolone).
In addition to arachnoiditis, several recent studies have found that epidural steroid injections raise the risk of spinal fractures and often do little to control back pain. To raise awareness of the safety risks of epidurals, the FDA has convened a panel of experts to help define techniques for the injections which would reduce preventable harm.
Injectable corticosteroids include methylprednisolone, hydrocortisone, triamcinolone, betamethasone, and dexamethasone. As for how long it stays in your blood, that depends on how much you take & how sensitive the drug tests he uses is.
It is nice finding people that know how you really feel & how very difficult all this really is as they are in the same sinking ship!
Mike, I am sorry you are going through so much I feel for your pain literally lol… not that any of this is funny. Just like everything, what works for 1 may not work at all for another as we are all very different; but to not investigate these findings further is wrong and to deny someone that is suffering, relief just because something is illegal or can be used to get high, is a crime unto its self!! Reta, I am so glad that I have given you some piece of mind about your worries and would be more than happy for you to share all the info that I had to learn the hard way! SHARE, TWEET, EMAIL, POST, STREAM, PROTEST, MARCH, WRITE, CALL, TALK, SCREAM, SHOUT, BARK, SQUEAK, MEOW, SING, SIGN, RAP, YODEL, WHISTLE, & WHATEVER else we can do to MAKE NOISE & let EVERYONE HEAR OUR CRIES!!! Only 35 years too late the FDA needs to be held accountable and the doctors whom were quite aware of the harm they were causing. The harm the FDA has caused WORLDWIDE in letting this continue they KNEW in 1969 but did nothing.
I would like to add for everyone who is on any pain medicine that they should ask their doctor to have this DNA test done. BL Elcenko- So very sorry about your father & while nothing can bring him back to you, a lawyer may be able to hold someone responsible for his death & your suffering!
I am so sorry for you and your family’s loss, and it was a loss that should not have occurred. About four years ago I went through a series of Epidural steroid injections in my L4 L5 S1 region.
I am happy to see that a patient may in fact be made aware that ESI’s and steroids like Depo Medrol are extremely dangerous when treating spinal cord issues. For those people that are suffering from having had these procedures, there are fantastic support groups to join.
I have been forced by pain clinic to have injections or be discharged from pain clinic with out pain medication.
Less commonly known is the damage it can cause to the spine if the needle is inserted in the wrong place.
She now suffers from arachnoiditis and is an advocate for Arachnoiditis Society for Awareness and Prevention (ASAP). If the membrane is punctured by a needle during an epidural, it can trigger inflammation that produces scar tissue that adheres to the nerves in the spinal cord. An advisory committee will also be formed later this year to discuss the benefits and risks of epidural injections, and whether further FDA action is needed.
The safety issue is unrelated to the contamination of compounded corticosteroids in 2012 that led to an outbreak of fungal meningitis that killed dozens of patients and sickened hundreds. There are many studies that show great results for fibromyalgia & similar CNS conditions.
If it helps you & does not hurt others, then you should have the right to decide what goes into your OWN body!
I had five epidural injection several years ago and the very first one worked incredibly well eliminated my pain completely up around C2 but it came back after month.
However, while you say that you do not see these problems in your patients & limit steroids to only 5 per year, you are either very lucky or you do not have a large amount of patients getting them. I hope that you are using imagining while you perform this very risky unapproved procedure, & are COMPLETELY HONEST when you tell your patients the VERY REAL RISKS of you doing this to them, so they can at least make an informed decision! In response to your comments regarding patients coming in for pain relief with an epidural steroid injection.after back surgery ,I am sure you are correct that back surgery statistics have a higher incidence of complications but that is because there has been more reported data. The more you reach out, the more you will find, & the easier it will be to conquer your fears & find that flicker of light that will lead you out together!! But were more interested in the almighty buck and the protection of the medical profession that controlled, NO strike that, control governments. I am so glad there is a site were people can get advice and just talk about what they are going through.
You don’t know who to trust, which is really sad considering we were all brought up to believe that doctors were the ones who would look out for us and do what was right.

Everyone has become so focused on the so called pill epidemic & not making addicts, that they are able to do what ever they want to pain patients as long as it does not include pain pills! They were unsuccessful and I had some mild complications some numbness tingling in my legs worse back pain for a few days.
Arachnoiditis UK and Arachnoiditis Everyday (USA) I belong to the UK one and they really do help and support you.
Eventually the nerves become completely encased in scar tissue, causing severe chronic pain and other neurological problems.
The risk of serious adverse events is not rare and arachnoiditis is grossly misdiagnosed and under-reported to the FDA for obvious reasons (fear of reprisal and legal liability),” Anderson said in an email to National Pain Report. There are things that can be taken to mask it in urine tests; but most will still require you being off them for 4-6 days before it can mask it. I hope all works out for you and when you feel the darkness closing in on you, just remember that you are NOT alone as there are many that are lost in the dark with you trying to find the way out. When I finally got a copy of the neurosurgeons notes from my visit he basically wants me to go through all of the interventional pain process needles again with the pain doctor he prefers before he decides on any surgery. Four subsequent epidurals did not produce any results so I know went to see the neurosurgeon who wants me to go to a different pain doctor and start the process over before he decides whether surgery will be helpful. It could also be that your patients do not realize that they are being damaged & believe that it is just their condition.
Also 5 in only 1 year is too many & really hope that you have explained to your patients that steroids cause damage to all soft tissues no matter where they are injected; but especially in the back as they were not developed for the back! If I can save 1 person from having to suffer the way I suffer, by giving them the info that I & WAY TOO MANY others were denied; it gives me hope that maybe, just maybe, my life can still serve some kind of purpose after all!! The steroids were developed for injections to the joints, not the back even though docs know this, they are allowed to use them off label despite the damage they can do. Reta please feel free to email me any other questions you may have & if I don’t know the answer, I will help you find it! The other alternative, and I did this once I learned about it, is to contact the Pharmacuetical Comp that makes your medicine. I then had a consult with a neurosurgeon because the injections did not help I decided against surgery at the time because it was so invasive and to be honest it scared me. Both groups are not just for Arachnoiditis but Tarlov cysts, fibromyalgia and chronic pain. So sorry to say; but this will not be the last as it will continue over and over until you no longer need these meds. I will never go through them again I don’t care what they tell me they have harmed me. Now if they could find a way to separate whatever relieves the pain from whatever makes you high, then sign me up!! It will be interesting in light of the snooze whether my new pain doctor will refuse medication when I refuse epidurals especially given my history of epidurals already. If steroids are so safe & effective for the back, then why do the drug companies that make the steroids advise against using them in epidurals? So if you would like to collect data and the facts I will share my story with you I am only one person but I know I am not alone.
Again Reta, Thank YOU for listening( you have to idea how much just having someone to listen means to me!!) & taking responsibility for YOUR body by seeking out info YOURSELF, instead of blindly trusting that the medical community actually cares about you!!
It is very easy for a doc to greatly damage your spine by blindly sticking needles into it. It will also give your doctor information so that the dose is right for your metabolic system. Adhesive arachnoiditis is an extremely painful and debilitating disease and is one of the real risks of ESI’s. When I called him, he said that the 1st 2-3 days afterward it would be bad & that once I get through those days, that I will be amazed how little pain if any. For example, my friend who is in late stage cancer, was given some that smelled just like a skunk. I also have a neurosurgeon apt this month so I will see what he says I will take his info and tests and make a decision I never want to be hurt again, so this time I am doing all my research. I have symptoms similar to trigeminal neuralgia type two and I take the hundred and 20 mg of Oxsee daily +40 mg of perks daily and that only keeps me out of the emergency room but keeps me as a shut in. Just because a pain clinic does not give their patients pain pills, does not mean that they are not taking advantage of a patient in terrible pain. I first had injections four years ago a set of three ,had mild side effects on the first two with no pain relief.
I was on Nucynta ER and Nycynta IR for my pain, I’m still on both, the company that makes it has a foundation that covers the cost if you meet their income requirements. We support each other and share the medications and procedures that are helping or hurting.
Why is having to take pain pills for the rest of my life any different than taking any other med. I limited my activity to the point were I had no quality of life even the smallest things became to much for me to handle without resting for days.
That it wasn’t even mentioned as a possible outcome is an insult to my sensibility.SHAME ON YOU FDA You know how many of us suffer unending pain every day from this steroid?

What they won’t tell you is they get to charge very high rates for their mini surgical suites they have in their offices. It was the 1st time he had tried that variety & normally it took about 5 or 6 tokes before he got the amount he needed. On the marijuana question I have never personally tried it but have heard from other people that it works wonders not like all the side effects like pain prescription drugs. So my question remains has anyone had success with marijuana or any illegal drugs that the prescription pain meds didn’t provide?
My third injection my blood pressure went sky high right after the procedure and two weeks later I ended up with bacterial pericarditis. While all steroids can cause damage no matter where they are injected; but if they are carefully & rarely used, they can help those with severe joint inflammation conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, A LOT!!
You need to tell your doc that it is just too expensive & he should have no problem giving you something different. I finally consulted with my primary care physician to see if surgery was an option again and I was told I once again had to go through the epidural injections because it had been so long before I could see a surgeon.
So he told me that some people & conditions needed more injections before getting the full effect of pain relief, so like a big dummy I let him do it again! You also may want to make a copy of this report & other legitimate reports that support your decision. That the steroid injections lower your immunity to infections which was not disclosed to me by my pain management Dr.
While joint shots like this can have a benefit that outweighs the damage, docs need to stop doing so many so often and inform the patient about the big & very real risks involved in getting them so often & allow the patient to make an EDUCATED decision on if the benefit is worth the risk for themselves!
It turns out my body does not metabolize either one of these drugs.So they were doing nothing for my pain. Remember, that it is YOUR BODY & you have the right to decide what goes into it, not him! I tried everything to deal with the pain, pain meds physical therapy, massage I finally got to the point I couldn’t even walk,bend,lay down, or even sleep so I consulted with my primary care Dr. I would give anything if I had been told about these things, especially about the epidurals!!
I had some mild side effects my back pain was intense for a few days, flushing of the skin but my numbness in my legs was gone. If he will not listen & still insists on you doing it anyway, then find a different doc as he is only in it for the money! It is just nice to hear back from someone that understands so again thank you for your response I truly appreciate it. To see about surgery but because it had been four years I once again would have to go through pain management first which means epidural steroid injections again.
Any doc, that forces a patient to let him do all this stuff especially when he is shown proof you already had them and they did not work, or holds a patients pain meds.
My first injection was at the end of March 2014 I felt pain relief finally I was so happy but it only lasted about a month ,so they scheduled me for my second injection May 2nd 2014. COMPLETE & NEEDLESS SUFFERING beyond anything we could ever imagine is ALL we know now as we only EXIST & no longer LIVE!! The relief lasted for about 4 weeks I started to feel the numbness in my legs and my back pain came back. It is a shame that no one cares about all the abuse & humiliation that chronic pain patients have to go through!! It was the worst mistake I made from the moment I left I had severe pain numbness, pins and needles down my leg into my foot sharp pain like the needle was left in my spine. They scheduled me for my second injection May 2nd 2014 it was the worst mistake I ever made. There is NO other illness where patients have to give up all rights and privacy just for getting medical help, so we can have some quality of life!!
After all unless we are dying from cancer, everyone knows that we are just a bunch of junkies & dealers, that are out there killing kids!! They checked on me two days later and I told them how I was feeling I was told that the nerves in my legs might just be aggravated by the medication and they would calm down. When nothing improved I called them back two days later and told them I was even worse they spoke with the doctor and I was told that there must be an underlining problem that he could not see in my CT scan and is referring me to a surgeon.
I can barley sleep because my back hurts so bad and my left leg feels like the nerves are going crazy all the way down to my toes. A suggestion would be to interview everyone of your patients afterwards even months later maybe you will get a clearer picture of what’s going on!
I am so frustrated I know that something went wrong when they put the needle in I felt nothing like this it was a completely different pain and I can barley even use my leg. I was in so much pain that I was willing to put myself through this and I put to much trust in a Dr….

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