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Worldwide data show that hearing loss prevalence increases dramatically with age, affecting between 25% and 40% of adults over 65, 40% to 66% of adults over 75, and 80% of adults over 85 years (Pascolini and Smith, 2008). Washington, Dec 02 : A new study has revealed that age-related hearing loss (ARHL), one of the four most prevalent chronic conditions in the elderly, is associated with low serum levels of folic acid.
Despite the high prevalence of hearing impairment, the biological basis of age-related hearing loss is unknown. However, the current study has shed some light with its findings showing that low serum levels of folic acid among elderly people are significantly associated with hearing loss in high frequencies.
The study included face-to-face interviews with 126 elderly Nigerian men and women above 60 years old who had no known medical conditions and had been examined by physicians. The main finding was that low serum levels of folic acid were significantly associated with high-frequency hearing loss in the elderly.
In medically underserved populations like that in the study, relatively low levels of vitamin intake can be expected. That suggests a need for continuing study into the role of vitamins in auditory function, particularly in developing countries where malnutrition is rife, said the authors.
The new research published in the December 2010 issue of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery.
Classic stigmata of congenital syphilis SNHL, interstitial keratitis, Hutchinson teeth (notched incisors), mulberry molars, Clutton joints (bilateral painless knee effusions), nasal septal perforation & saddle deformity& frontal bossing.
March 27, 2012 by Tree 77 Comments A couple of years ago before we left the United States I was diagnosed with Exostosis, better known as Surfer’s Ear. Exostosis is abnormal bone growth within the ear canal. Irritation from cold wind and water exposure causes the bone surrounding the ear canal to develop lumps of new bony growth which constrict and eventually close the ear canal, causing loss of hearing. The only cure for Exostosis is a surgery where they make a half-moon incision behind your ear, pull the whole ear forward, and then drill out the bone growth.

I also have Surfers ear and I found out over 20 tears ago and I always wear plugs no problems since. Let’s see, if memory is working, isn’t that caused from too much cold water to the tympanic membrane? You dont know me but Im your brother I was wasted and spinning my wheels…Then I saw Sprinter life, that changed everything, now I just listen to Eckart Tolle all day and stare out at the mesa. I have swimmer’s ear from long-gone days of competitive swimming, and I now surf knee high waves and boogie board any waves, and my ears are starting to develop exostoses. 1 in 10 Canadians are living with some degree of hearing loss, and between 20 and 40% of adults over 65 report a significant hearing loss. However, hearing loss does not just affect older people; in the United States, 65% of people with a hearing loss are younger than 65 (Kochkin, 2005).
The role of folate in cellular metabolism, the nervous system, and vascular function are important for the auditory system," said study author Akeem Olawale Lasisi. Skeletal findings osteochondritis& periostitis of long bones SNHL, interstitial keratitis, Hutchinson teeth (notched incisors), mulberry molars, Clutton joints (bilateral painless knee effusions), nasal septal perforation & saddle deformity& frontal bossing. Growing up on the frigid rivers of the Northwest while not wearing protective ear plugs all but guaranteed my current condition. At the time of my diagnosis 2 years ago I was told that my ears were at 95%. My mistake was thinking that I could ride the last 5%. We already know my list of weaknesses, and yes, denial is at the top of the list, right after stupidity). I started taking the steroid ear drops my last doctor had given me, but they didn’t help this time. The office was a little primitive, but I figured at least we’d have Jesus on our side.

Doc from Pro-plugs says till it’s causing frequent infections even when you get your ears professionally cleaned every 3 months don’t do it! Your business partner votes for golf and fly fishing, cuz that’s what he did after the last near-death experience and subsequent shoulder dislocation when rolling over in bed asleep. They hurt like hell when they get water in them, but whenever I try earplugs they totally suck. In Canada, hearing loss is the 3rd most common chronic condition behind arthritis and high blood pressure (Statistics Canada, 2002). He said they didn’t have the right tools in Peru and that I should go back to the United States.
You”ll need to protect your ears from now on, because the bone grows faster the 2nd time around. Please know if there’s anything you two need including accomadations and car travel let us know.
Rock climbing left me with two bad feet, one very, very near death experience, and an irrational fear of heights. Surfing has been one fractured sternum, multiple line-up confrontations, several scratch-n-dents, one shark sightings, zero near death experiences.

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