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While high doses of aspirin are associated with temporary hearing loss, many other drugs can cause permanent hearing loss and damage. According to a recent study is has been found that people who are suffering from diabetes are more likely to experience hearing loss as compared to a person who does not suffer from diabetes. Regular tests can help patients with diabetes to fathom the deterioration of their hearing ability, if any.
Hearing loss is the most ignored symptom of diabetes, and therefore one should ensure that they undergo regular tests for hearing if they know that they are suffering from diabetes. Hearing Health seeks to cover the rapid changes taking place in hearing healthcare, locally, nationally and globally. This is another health area in which we in the hearing profession can help patients by being cutting edge. I will be touching on diabetes and other factors in future blogs, all of which have a common thread: prevention.
It is nice to see other audiologists talking about different health issues as they relate to hearing loss.

If ear damages are found out at an early stage then there are a lot of options available for treatment. Since many research reports have proved that hearing loss to a certain extent can be linked with diabetes, regular assessment of deterioration of hearing condition is necessary, in order to get appropriate treatment for hearing loss.
I would be interested in talking with you about an area of interest to me that relates to this piece. As a result of the potential for these drugs, like gentamicin, to cause inner ear and kidney damage, among other side effects, doctors tend to use other less toxic antibiotics instead whenever possible. A person who has diabetes, becomes more prone to hear loss if he has a family history of the same and is often in the vicinity of loud noise.
There are many products in the market which can aid people who are suffering from the mild version of hear loss. Therefore it is important for people suffering from diabetes to provide some sort of protection to their ears, where they are surrounded with loud noise at their work place or homes. The amount of keratin that is present in the body tends to reduce with the development of diabetes.

With the aid of keratin the ear canal acquires a protective shield, which helps the wax in the ear not to accumulate inside, and whenever the level of keratin fluctuates in the body, then the problems related to hearing starts to surface.
Therefore it is important for every diabetes patient to get tests for hearing done on a regular basis. Earlier a study proved that type 2 diabetes can lead to hear loss mostly for people who belong to the older age group.
Off late, a recent study has shown that that even children who suffer from diabetes can experience hear loss as well.

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