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March 4, 2016 By Shari Eberts 2 Comments You can find more from Shari of Living with Hearing Loss on Facebook and Twitter. Late last year I attended my first Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) Board meeting. I can see the importance of not interrupting one another when someone in the room or meeting has hearing loss.
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Shop TV listening systems from top brands including TV Ears, Sennheiser, Serene Innovations and more.
Infrared (IR) TV listening systems have a limited range because they cannot transmit audio sound through walls or ceilings, but are generally more affordable and may even be used in theaters! TV listening systems with Bluetooth let you pair your TV and Bluetooth® cell phone to the TV listener, so you can take calls with your TV listener headset and switch back to the TV when your call ends. Come out and join us Saturday, September 27 at Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, MN for some fun exercise at HLAA's Walk4Hearing! Hearing aids are small electroacoustic devices, which fit in or behind the patient’s ear.
Hearing aids are principally useful in enhancing the hearing and speech awareness of individuals who have hearing reduction as a effect of damage to the tiny sensory tissue in the inner ear, known as hair cells. There are functional limitations to the quantity of amplification hearing aids are capable of providing.
The hearing aid designed to perform best for each patient depends on the type and severity of hearing reduction. The audiologist will suggest a hearing aid that provides the best match for individual needs and lifestyle. Hearing aids can not reestablish natural hearing function, but with practice they will improve awareness of sounds and their origin.
Analog hearing devices transform sound waves to electrical impulses that are then amplified.

Digital hearing devices transform sound waves directly into numerical codes, comparable to the binary code of computers.
It was an exciting experience, learning about all the important initiatives they have underway. Therefore, a variety of hearing devices and other tools were used to ensure that all could participate in the meeting.
Speak calmly and clearly. People who were speaking did so in a clear and calm manner because they did not feel rushed or worried that others would interrupt.
They are designed to modulate and amplify sound for the individual wearer, helping the person to listen, communicate, and participate more fully in daily activities. Having said that, only about 1 of 5 individuals who might reap the benefits of hearing aids in fact use them. Hearing aids receive sound from the microphone, which transforms sound waves into electrical impulses and then sends the signal to be amplified. Enduring hair cells identify the bigger vibrations and then transform them into neural information that is transferred to the brain.
When the inner ear is extremely damaged, even significant vibrations can not be transformed into neural signals.
Patients that have hearing loss in each ear, are generally recommended two instruments in order to provide a more organic signal to the brain.
Price will be an important consideration since hearing devices range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Patients should wear hearing aids regularly, so convenience and easy of use are important factors. Analog hearing aids are adjustable and programmed by the manufacturer based on technical specifications suggested by the audiologist.
The code includes information about the sound’s pitch or loudness, which allows the instrument to be specifically programmed to boost some frequencies greater than others. These included a hearing loop, captioning, and most importantly from my perspective, a strict enforcement of conversation protocol.
Plus, everyone knew who was going to speak next, which made it easier to know where to look for lip-reading cues. The amplifier boosts the strength of the impulse and transmits them to the ear by means of the speaker.

The more significant the damage is to the patient’s hair cells, the more serious the hearing loss, and additionally the greater the need for hearing aid amplification to bridge the difference. Hearing aids in both ears can help to increase speech understanding and identify the location the sound is origninating. Digital circuitry provides the audiologist more versatility in adjusting the device to the patient’s needs and hearing environments. Before I left home, I wondered how it would be possible for 14 people, all with varying degrees of hearing loss, to hold an effective board meeting, but I was amazed how smoothly the communication flowed. I can’t remember the last meeting I have attended where people did not speak over each other. There isn’t extra time or mental capacity, at least for me, such that you can also be planning your next move, while keeping an ear on the conversation. In spite of this, patient’s should not use price alone to decide the best hearing aid choice. Using a computer, audiologists program the hearing aid, and then users can modify the program based on the listening environment.
Digital hearing aids can also be set to emphasize sounds arriving from a specific direction. In fact, it was one of the most respectful and productive meetings I have ever attended — and I’ve attended a lot of meetings. This led to an efficient dialogue since people were really listening to what each speaker had to say.
Settings enable patients to switch from a small, private room to a congested restaurant to big, open places, like stadiums or theaters. It made me realize how much those of us with hearing loss can teach our hearing friends about communication. And everyone left not only hearing, but feeling heard. I am hoping I can employ some of these tricks at my next meeting or family function.

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