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LSTN is only a few years young and already they have a pretty solid little headphone lineup.
The Encores are mostly just the earcups — the headband is made of a minimalistic chrome metal.
Although they’re pretty basic in design, it takes a bit of adjustment to find the perfect fit. The rectangular cushioned ear cups are large, but only small ears will fit completely inside of the cushioned donuts.
The earcups can slide up and down the band for a perfect fit, swivel just a tad side-to-side, or flip up and down 180 degrees.

It’s wrapped in a nice vinyl and it sports an inline ControlTalk remote with a microphone and a universal button. They have an open-back design and there are black metal grilles alongside the gorgeously premium ebony wood on the outside of the earphones. There are no volume buttons, but the universal button can control track skipping, phone calls, and voice activation. Because of the open-back design, the music flows more freely, sounding less like music is being directed straight into your head and more like you’re listening in a room — of course, there’s no mistaking that there’s a headset strapped around your head. Ironically, we found to get the level of detail we wanted, we had to raise the volume to a louder-than-comfortable level.

Not only that, LSTN is a headphone company with a cause, and the cause isn’t just making wooden headphones that sound as good as they look.
LSTN is trying to restore hearing worldwide and raise awareness for hearing loss in the process. The sound quality is pretty good, but nothing mind-blowing — the music has a very airy sound to it.

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