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Standard profile electronic ear muffs amplify sounds under 85dB and when sounds go over 85dB they instanly turn off. So you are able to hear what is going on at the shooting range and the instant a shot is fired the ear muffs block the sound. As soon as the noise over 85dB stops the ear muffs turn on again to allow you to hear your surroundings.

Can be turned off to work just like regular ear muffs, so when you forget to change batteries you still have hearing protection. OK , Im just as guilty of not wearing hearing protection as the next guy, however after working in the industrial maintance field and being a home (do it your selfer) for years I’ve seen what happens when you neglect to protect your hearing. It has been studied that working in a noisy enviroment without propper hearing protection can make you tired faster than working in a quieter enviroment. The best hearing protection in the world do you no good if they are sitting on the dash of your truck or in your workbench drawer. This is why we are starting to handle several differnt types and styles of hearing protection, figuring that if they are more comfortable you will be more likely to wear them, and not leave them sitting in a drawer somewhere.

Once I finally found hearing protection that was comfortable to me, I wore them more often than before when I had cheap poorly fitting hearing protection. So if you get these in and find they are not comfortable feal free to return them so we can get you a differnt pair you will actually wear.

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