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A Windy City Wildlife Service is a full-service wildlife control company serving Bolingbrook IL and the surrounding area.
Dealing with a pest animal can be difficult at the best of time, but when you are dealing with a fairly large animal like an opossum, dealing with the problem quickly is vital. This is the most important part of trapping the opossum, and most people will go for a simple cage trap that is of a medium size, usually around the same size as those used to catch raccoons or feral cats. There are several different types of bait that can be successful with opossums, and as those who have had them rooting through their garbage will know, opossums will eat all kinds of food. One important thing to remember is that trapping an opossum may not be a clean process, and they will often try to bite or scratch you when you return to the trap. When it comes to moving the opossum, having a thick blanket that you can throw over the trap will help to keep the opossum as calm as possible, as it will prevent it from seeing what is happening outside the cage.
These furry and cute animals may look like a dream for those who are looking for an exotic pet, but unlike cats and dogs the opossum has centuries of evolution as an animal that survives the attacks of many predators. One of the biggest dangers to bear in mind when dealing with opossums is that they are naturally nervous creatures and will instinctively view being handled as a threat. While the threat of disease may not be particularly large when dealing with an opossum, scratches and bites can certainly become infected quite quickly, which is another reason why handling an opossum with bare hands is considered to be reckless by most people.
In the majority of cases, unless you are rescuing an injured animal or are dealing with baby opossums, there will not usually be a need to handle the animal, and it will usually be an instinct because it is quite an attractive animal. While you cannot be entirely safe while handling a wild animal, if it is really essential, ensuring that you wear thick clothes and very durable gloves that can withstand a bite or scratch is very important.
If you answered YES to any of the above questions, reuniting babies with Mom is no longer an option and baby needs to get to a rehabber immediately. Raccoon mothers often have multiple den sites that they plan to use while rearing their kids. Because you must wait until evening, you WILL need a heat source for these babies when they put them back outside. After you have the babies situated in a box, right before you put them outside, take a sheet of newspaper and tape a ‘lid’ over the box with it.
For a man trying to get a goodnight’s sleep at a hotel recently, we suspect that the below image will be staying with him for a while. The unnamed uncle was staying at a hotel when he heard scratching noises coming from the bathroom as he tried to sleep. These animals can cause an awful lot of damage, mess and distress, so it is important to deal with the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. The mechanism needs to be durable and simple enough that it will be effective once the opossum is in the trap, and once it has closed shut the mesh of the cage needs to be strong enough that it cannot be broken by the opossum. Smelly foods tend to be best, such as fish or canned pet food, while apples can also be successful.

Thick gloves and clothes will help to protect you if the opossum tries to attack you, while making sure the clothes are also old will be useful if you get sprayed by the foul smelling substance produced by opossums when frightened.
It also helps to protect the surroundings from urine and feces, and helps to reduce the chances of being bitten or scratched. This means that opossums will have strong fear instincts when it comes to encounters with larger animals, and with vicious claws and sharp teeth, you certainly don't want to be attacked by the animal. This means that bites and scratches can be common if you try to touch an opossum, and adult opossums will be very wary, even if you are providing food and shelter for the animal.
Opossums also use a very foul smelling excretion as a defense mechanism, so if you are handling the animal and you are sprayed, then you will be washing for a long time, and may have to get rid of the clothes you were wearing.
A breathing mask and eye wear can also be wise precautions, and when you are handling the animal try to keep it away from your body and face,but ensure you hold it firmly as it is likely to squirm and try to get out of your grip. Mom is in the process of moving babies to a new den and can only carry one in her mouth at a time. Baby was intentionally left by Mom because she knows something that we don’t know, or could not provide for all of the young in her care.
There are times that Mom decides she doesn’t want to live in the first den anymore and begins to move the babies.
If baby is healthy, it’s worth trying to reunite just in case Mom is still coming back to check for him. The best possible way to do this is if you have a heating pad and can run an extension cord out to where you are placing the box with the babies inside. Mom will tear through this in two seconds when she finds them, and it will give you a visual clue from afar as to when she has visited. While rats have recently made a name for themselves for their love of New York City pizza slices and finding a nice warm place to die in a Subway sandwich, one rat caused a disturbance of a different sort.
Here is a list of what you will need in order to be able to trap the opossum and then to remove it to an area well away from where it is causing a problem. Where possible try to ensure the bait is placed far enough back in the cage so that the opossum has to go in, but not close enough to the back that it can be pulled out by the opossum. Handling an opossum is something that is really kept to a minimum by most professionals, as even they recognize that in most cases it is not necessary and often causes more harm than good. The babies need to stay in the box, so it needs to be tall enough that they cannot crawl out. Once we determine if Mom is alive, and how far she has gone, we can decide whether or not these babies can be reunited.
But if she was disturbed by someone, construction noise, predators, pesticides, pets, or anything else she may decide to move immediately. Are you still hearing Mom at all, or are you hearing any scratching noises anywhere except where you know baby to be?

People call to say that they found a baby raccoon, all alone, in the middle of a parking lot, or street, or sidewalk.
The heating pad should be under the box for the babies, set to low or medium and positioned so the babies can get away from it if they want to.
That, or this guy really needs to lay off the late night food trucks; whatever he ate caused his poo to grow legs and fur. I am only thankful that this guy didn’t try to pinch one off in the middle of the night without seeing the rat first. This can happen during daytime hours, or at night, and it can take quite a while for her to come back to get each kid. If you do not have a heating pad, you can make one with a men’s tube sock and white rice.
When using a heating pad and extension cord, you can go to sleep and set the alarm for 4+ hours later to check on the babies. If the thing that ran her off in the first place is interfering in her process of moving them, like a dog in a yard, or a construction crew on site, it can take even longer. Babies are not usually stuck outdoors without Mom frantically checking back trying to help him. It is still possible that Mom is moving the babies and this one wandered from where she left it.
What we tend to hear more often are situations where Mom was living in a shed with the babies and everyone was happy. If by dawn Mom hasn’t returned for ANY of the babies, it is time to get them to a rehabber. Do you see a pile of leaves, sticks, trash, or a cubby of any kind that Mom may have stuck the babies inside of?
Then a homeowner noticed that they didn’t close the shed door, and they happen to close the door while Mom is not at home. If she came to get one or more baby, we can reattempt the next night, but a rehabber needs to be involved so that baby is hydrated and well enough for the reattempt. Can you watch the babies from afar and make sure that no one disturbs the area long enough to see if Mom makes a return? The question is whether or not Mom knew that and intentionally left him behind because he was the runt or if the baby was left behind accidentally and then became the runt because of the situation.
We may need to coordinate with the homeowner to get babies re-hydrated and warm before attempting to reunite that evening.

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