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These Hearos Xtreme Protection Series ear plugs are extremely soft, making them very comfortable to wear.
They are perfect for a variety of circumstances as they boast an impressive noise reduction rating of 33dB. Wear these Hearos Xtreme ear plugs to concerts, while sleeping, at firework displays or even when you just need a bit of peace and quiet. The average waiting time for this is 2-4 working days, but please allow up to 7 days for delivery to take place. A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows consumers to deduct pre-tax dollars from their paychecks and deposit those funds in employer-sponsored accounts to pay for medical expenses.
A 33db noise reduction will muffle virtually any external loud noises, leaving you perfectly protected.
If you only need to wear them once a week, then you’re looking at nearly five months’ worth of protection for less than a large popcorn at the cinema!
Mack's Wax Away ear drops have been medically approved to safely and gently remove excess earwax (cerumen).

Hearos Xtreme Protection Ear Plugs have a noise reduction rating of 33dB, making them perfect for blocking out unwanted or damaging noise. These ear plugs are the ideal noise reducing solution for people who are exposed to extreme noise levels. Hearos is cutting cost these days and completely changed the material they use to make their blue and tan earplugs.
Orders that have just been received will be set to a status of entering until a member of our dispatch team processes it. The ear plugs are perfect for sleeping, studying, attending concerts, traveling and participating and enjoying motor sports like NASCAR. They are being replaced by the new formulation version when stock runs out.Hearos Xtreme Protection ear plugs are super-soft and extremely effective. I often can't sleep because my husband is either snoring or our cats are whining at night, but with these ear plugs I can't hear anything.
I must sleep with ear plugs, and these are the quietest & most comfortable.The ultimate softness ones are my favorite.

But, if you need extra quiet, the Xtreme are better, they just feel a little more solid in your ear canal. The EZ Grip™ design makes them easier to remove, even when properly and deeply inserted. Be careful you don't push these in too far, they can hurt your eardrum, and also remove them slowly. And at NRR 33, Xtreme Protection ear plugs offer the best noise reduction you can get in a stand-alone ear plug. Even if this does not completely block out the outside noise, it does reduce the noise to a level where you simply and passively ignore the remaining noise.

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