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From Dave: After our conversation about God and money last week, I asked Russ, who actually knows something about the subject, to put a post together.
Makes us realize how much more important it is we need to know where our self-worth and significance lies. Also, the advice of how to become financially responsible are absolutely relevant and practical. So, I have to say I'm always super-disappointed in the discussions of money that take place amongst Christians.
And just to clarify, I think getting out of debt is super important and didn't mean my comment to be disparaging in any way to Russ or his great advice here. I was just expressing exasperation that we've fallen so far on this issue that getting out of debt is considered a novel idea and an amazing achievement. NEXT POSTLet's Lose Our Mother Wound Continuing the thread from Tuesday, these same inner healing folks tell me there's a unique wounding that can come from our mothers that can also impact our ability to resolutely move forward in something like a calling.
So find something you enjoy focusing on: and do it, gently, with pleasure, for a long time. And soon enough, we rediscover the will to live this lonely life with joy, instead of cowardice.
Founded as a print magazine in 2002, we went national in 2005 and then (because mainstream magazine distribution is wildly inefficient from an eco-responsible point of view) transitioned online in 2009. A very important complement to this beautiful list is getting massages or bodywork on a regular basis. Behold Awkward Moment Seal, the latest addition to the mighty pantheon of Advice Animals memes. We all know the feeling he represents: It comes when a moment of social embarrassment closes around you like a steel trap, and anything you do is certain to make things worse. Awkward Moment Seal first surfaced on Reddit last week, courtesy of aptly named Redditor Walrusmeats, according to Know Your Meme.
Empire LRP‘s event Autumn Equinox has concluded and the photos have been streaming onto the internet so we just had to share some from one of our favorite larp photographers Charlotte Moss.
We highly recommend you head over to her Patreon page and make a donation before checking out these stunning photos. Empire is a brand new LARP game by Profound Decisions, a professional LARP company based in the UK well-known for its high-quality LARP-fest games.
Advising the Throne and the Senate is the Synod, a religious body dedicated to espousing and spreading word of the Seven Virtues of the Empire, with power of oversight over the Senate and other Imperial Institutions. In the months before the first event, a group of friends and I had spent time carefully planning out our group and the characters that we would play. My character Marius was involved in an in-depth and very serious discussion with several other Mages. Once they finally got up and running, the player-led apparatus of government works very well indeed. I wish we could focus a little more on the problem of having barns full of grain and what Jesus would like us to do with them.
The popular notion that we should save for retirement so that we can spend the last two decades of life on a cruise ship or traveling the world seems just as sinful as carrying a huge load of debt.
It’s about being unfocused too much, for too long, or about being too focused for too long.
We need to heal our minds, and gladden our hearts, by reconnecting with our own tender hearts.
I made my family pancakes last night for dinner because I was too tired and burnt out to cook anything else.

Of course, the cost may be prohibitive to some people but the the long-term benefits to the mind, body and soul are priceless. Should you change the channel when your parents walk in during a graphic sex scene on TV, or silently endure it hoping that the moment will pass unacknowledged?
The players all hail from the greatest nation in the known world, simply known as the Empire. Made up by nine human nations, along with the nomadic Imperial Orcs (there is big divide in the game between Orcs who are “Barbarians” and those Orcs who have chosen to join the empire), the Empire is ruled by an Emperor or Empress and is advised by the Imperial Senate. The Military Council is made up of the Generals, elected by the Senators of each nation, to lead the Empire’s armies. We had chosen to play a coven of Wizards from the magically adept nation of Urizen (think a cross between Buddhist Monks and Tolkien High-Elves). Four weeks prior in the game’s timeline, the Empress Britta of Wintermark, beloved of the Peoples of the Empire, died whilst on campaign trying to retake an Imperial Provence from the vile Thule Orcs. We were all huddled in a tent, talking to each other in hushed tones about the political future of our Order, the Celestial Arch. Everyone had put a great deal of time, money, and effort into making their costumes, and it really paid off at the event. It was probably the coldest Larp event that I have ever been to, and I had to camp out in open field. There was always going to be a chance that PD had bitten off more than they could chew with Empire, and they had some real organisational issues in and out of character. Being the first, I always knew it was going to be the worst event they would ever run for Empire, and everything that could have gone wrong for PD did go wrong.
Ramsey seems to thinking that the only way to go is to fully fund your 401K, IRAs and college funds. Not a quick fix or top 10 list, which is where our speedy minds (which create the problem in the first place) want to go. I appreciate the way you subtly highlight the need for balance – periods of activity and rest (like a heartbeat) in equal measure. There is no right answer, and Awkward Moment Seal perfectly crystallizes that instant of frozen discomfort with his unblinking expression and the slightly agonized tilt of his little seal eyebrows. It is a wonderfully detailed and well-thought-out setting, while at the same to not being too prescriptive and giving players plenty of creative room to come up with the own ideas. With her at the time were many of the finest heroes in the Empire, from  Generals to Wizards, Senators to Priests. There is ref team specifically tasked with looking after them via an in-character school (a kickass school that teaches swordfighting and magic) known as the Academy. It was a fantastic bit of roleplaying between several characters trying to determine who was the best candidate to become Grandmaster of the Order. Each nation had its own costume guide, which included a generic look and feel of what sorts of styles would be appropriate, as well as costume making advice and links to professional costume makers. For myself, I was very heavily involved in the Conclave, which very quickly became a bickering collection of Wizards fighting over the magical resources of the Empire, which is what I believe the organisers wanted. Now, given that the event was held in early April in Britain, you would normally be looking at temperatures of around about 12-15°c during the daytime, and it getting a little nippy towards the evening. Despite the weather and organisational issues, I had a great time and had some fantastic roleplay moments that left me eagerly anticipating future events.
Each of the nine nations is divided up into three regions and each nation has its own Senator way of voting. Finally, there is the Conclave, based in the Hall of Worlds: an extra-dimensional pocket realm, it is an Organisation of Magicians and Wizards dedicated to unlocking the secrets of magic, the higher realms, and the Magical beings (known as Eternals), that live there. He’s a Ritualist, a caster whose spells require multiple participants and have wide-reaching effects.

In the run up to the event, player opinions on the inclusion of children was somewhat split: some felt they would add something to the game, while others worried that they might break the immersion.
This debate went on for quite a while, until out of nowhere a bunch of kids rush into the tent and start trying to sell little trinkets and charms that they been given to peddle. The players have gone to great lengths to stick to the style guides given, which has meant that in most cases it is immediately recognisable which nation somebody is from just by looking at them.
The Conclave is an interesting political body because, unlike with the rest of the political positions in the other imperial institutions, the Conclave positions can be channelled for at any time, rather than being opened up once a year with everything else. The highest the mercury ever got to at the event was about 4°c, and one night the temperature dropped to about -10°c, which, let me tell you, is more than a bit nippy. An Interregnum was declared, whereby all Imperial Titles were revoked and new elections where to be held at the first available Imperial Summit: the Winter Solstice. Rather than getting them to go away and telling them off for interrupting our conversation, we all spend several minutes talking to them.
This means things can change very quickly within the Conclave, and an Archmage or a Grandmaster has to always look over their shoulder to the machinations of their rivals. I spent most of that night huddled under my blanket in the tent I was sharing with my mate, hoping I didn’t freeze to death. With the players in charge of everything, there were very poor lines of communications to the players about when and where things would be happening. The PCs have all traveled to Anvil, the site of the Imperial Senate, to attend this extraordinary summit of the Empire. Not only did they enjoy themselves, but many were far better roleplayers than most of the adults. My character in particular was interested to know what the various animal charms meant, and was told by one of children that they represented the religious virtues of the state religion in the game. The weather was so bad that there was still snow on the ground that hadn’t thawed properly, while the snow which had melted left the field a frozen muddy ruin.
Some of the elections had to rerun due to mistakes made by NPCs who had misunderstood how the relevant electoral process worked.
Many people commented in several forums and social media sites just how awesome the kids were and how much they added to the game. After been given a very good explanation, I haggled with one of the kids over a spider, representing the Virtue of Wisdom.
In the end, PD held their head up on a lot of these issues and, credit to them, at the second event they were able to address a lot of these organisational issues.
Another adult looked over at the tent, realized that we were probably having an important meeting, and shooed the children away, apologising. It was so cold that all of the water froze in the stand pipes dotted around the site, and meant the toilet and showering facilitates were rendered useless (thank the Virtues for baby wipes). The Hall of Worlds where the Conclave meets kept eating the generators for all of the lighting, which meant it never had its proper set dressing props. It also mean that the organisers were able to play the all NPC civil service roles, the body that’s meant to help the players run the Empire, which led to a lot of problems.

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