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Hyperacusis is a health problem that reduces the normal endurance of a human being to the sounds within his environment.
Severe hyperacusis can sometimes lead the victim to isolate himself from normal life because it is hard for them to stay in a normal environment. Although hyperacusis is very rare, there are also people who are prone to this disease; one of which are the musicians. If we all sum up all that we have understand in the process of hyperacusis, we cannot fully understand it immediately because it is very hard to identify and locate the single formation of the main contribute to hyperacusis. There are present medications are advised recommendations that is suitable to seemingly diagnose hypnosis. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. People with severe hyperacusis cannot stay in a place where sounds are too loud because it is very painful in their part. There are different sounds which a victim may hear; it may be like the annoying sound of the alarm, children crying and screaming, clapping or bus brakes.

By this, people with hyperacusis can trigger phonophobia or the fear of normal sounds and which sometimes leads the victim to self deprivation and depression. The human being’s auditory systems are attached to the outer organs that are responsible for hearing in the company of the central nervous systems. But the first step to this condition is to take on the evaluation and guidance by a specialist of the ear, nose, and throat doctor or the otolaryngologist. However, not all musicians are affected because there are some sounds in the music that are soft and pleasant to the ears. Rock bands or metal rocks musicians are the ones that are affected the most because their music is loud and very irritating, although for them it is very pleasing and nice. But there are therapies which can be a good thing to somehow retain and prevent the everyday annoying sounds to the auditory system of the human ear.
If these musicians will still continue to go on these careers, it will surely make their ears affected; make them a little stress and abnormal responses in the tensor tympani that protect our ears from loud sounds. In: Rensing L, an der Heiden U, Machey MC (eds) Temporal disorder in human oscillatory systems.

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