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This hotel room has hearing impaired visual aides to help a person know the phone is ringing.
Have you ever had the experience where an iPhone is suddenly not ringing on incoming calls, or making any sounds when a new message arrives?
With almost certain guarantee, the reason an iPhone is not ringing or making alert sounds apparently out of the blue is because of the Do Not Disturb feature. The easiest way to determine if Do Not Disturb is causing your iPhone not to ring, and causing you to miss iPhone calls and alert sounds, is to look in the status bar of the device. Another way to turn off Do Not Disturb mode is through the Settings app on iPhone, it doesn’t matter which way you choose to turn this off, but if you want the iPhone to ring again and to get alerts again, it must be turned off. As long as Do Not Disturb is off, the iPhone will ring and the iPhone will get alerts, sounds, and messages. If you drive a ford vehicle with sync and choose Do Not Disturb on the car’s screen this selection is made on your connected iPhone and remains until changed on the phone. On my iPhone 6 I found it was a Bluetooth DAB radio controller app I installed (new clock radio).
Let me explain myself: Starting with iOS 8, my phone works OK and then, suddenly, no alert sound are played (even if the notifications appear on the lock screen). I have turned off the phone, reset all the toggles, checked for the DND, it is on it’s scheduled pattern, turned the sounds switch on and off, when that happens first there is just a bell, then when I toggle up the ringer bar is full. Having the same problem with no text but when I turned off Bluetooth my text sound came back. The “scientific method” was what finally worked!!!???? Turn phone off Count to 19 and turn it on again When it comes back up everything will sound normal!

There is a little switch on the side of my phone, right above the volume buttons, that will turn off all sounds, except for the alarm. My husband kept swearing he wasn’t getting notifications when I sent him text messages. Kat- I tried all the above, plus youtube video ideas to restore the ringer and text notifications, NOTHING worked. Lock Sounds impacts the locking sound effect, it won’t impact the sound of the iPhone ringing or chiming when a call or text comes in.
Tried everything suggested first and the only thing that finally fixed it was powering off the iPhone 6 and restarting it.
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Do Not Disturb is absolutely fantastic when you use it properly and set a schedule for it, but if you’re not versed in how it works, it can be accidentally toggled on and lead to all sorts of confusion and missed calls or seemingly ignored text messages. If Do Not Disturb is turned on, the iPhone will not ring, the iPhone won’t get alerts or sounds or messages. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
So I had do turn the sound off and on (using the vibrator switch) in order to make them play again. Sometimes even that doesn’t work and I have to do a hard reset (Power+Home for 10 secs) to make the sounds work again. On my iPhone 6 I found the problem to be a DAB radio controller app I installed to run my new clock radio.

I go into sounds and all I get is the vibrate, I am hard of hearing so this helps, not a tone from Any of my determined settings! You need to turn up your volume though if you are not hearing those sounds in addition to the ringing iPhone sound. This is surprisingly common experience for those who are more novice iPhone users, and after troubleshooting this a dozen or so times with relatives and friends (usually with young kids), it’s probably worth discussing here, if not for you personally than perhaps for the other people in your life.
Kids touch everything, not too surprising, but indeed it’s not a broken iPhone it’s just a silenced phone from an inquisitive young mind! When it is enabled the phone will only make sound on incoming phone calls and will only vibrate for alerts. I played around with the connector (pushing in the headphone jack pulling it out) until it was in ringer mode again and I started receiving notifications sounds and ringers again. I had a relatively actually take their iPhone to their carrier store because of this… so yea, sometimes really simple things can cause a lot of frustration. Now to find an icepack for my head, after bashing it against the wall for the past half hour. A drop down box opened that showed he’d placed my contact page in the DO NOT DISTURB category.

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