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Predominantly caused by a bodily imbalance of Yin and Yang, hypertension may be cured through acupuncture. Effective:- All symptoms are less after the treatment, but blood pressure varies between the normal level and the critical hypertension level. Failure: The symptoms may be less after the treatment, but the blood pressure remains high or above the normal range. All 70 patients were under observation for 3 years.  Thirty-three were cured, 26 obtained excellent therapeutic effect, 6 were improved, and 5 failed. Acupuncture points selected and was given treatment once daily and after two treatments the patient began to feel better. Most patients had just been told that there's no effective remedy available for treating tinnitus and that they should just learn to live with it. Avoid loud noises - If you spend too much time or work in a noisy environment, you must put in ear plugs. Get enough sleep - use soft music to make make tinnitus unnoticeable when you sleep, so that you may get adequate rest.
Drink plenty of fluids - this will loosen the fluids in your ears, unblocking the Eustachian tube which may, to a large extent, be responsible for the infection.

Tinnitus is often associated with hearing impairment and other conditions such as Meniere's Disease, Vertigo, Otitis Media and Tinnitus.
If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. While traditional Chinese and other Asian medicines have used the kernels and roots of the Ginkgo for many centuries, modern Western research has focused almost entirely on the leaf, which has been shown to have highly beneficial effects on the brain and improve a wide range of cerebral functions. It is said to help relax the lungs, stregnthen blood vessels and act as a circulatory system tonic. Unlike the kernels, Reid states that the root of the Ginkgo tree is nontoxic and is sometimes use to treat long-term conditions. From Patient information leaflet for preparations licensed as Traditional Herbal remedies in the UK. Flat, fan-shape, mid-to yellow green leaves, to 12cm (5in) across, are tapered into the stalks and usually lobed at the tips. To propagate, so seed in containers in an open frame as soon as ripe, or take semi-ripe cuttings in summer. In order to become therapeutically effective, however, the leaves must be rendered into a contracted extract for medicinal use. It has been shown to be an effective free-radical scavenger, with particular affinity for the central nervous system, and thus it protects the brain and nerve cells from destruction by free radicals and from premature aging.
According to Reid, it tonifies primordial energy; nourishes kidney-yin and warms lung-energy.

Long shoots bear alternate leaves, while woody spur shoots bear densely clustered leaves and flowers. Reid states that simple decoctions of the leaves are not sufficiently potent to deliver results.
It also inhibits blood-platelet aggregation, providing a stong measure of protection against stroke and coronary thrombosis. Consumption of large amounts can cause toxic reactions, such as vomiting and convulsions, while prolonged use tends to suppress appetite. Catkin-like, pendulous, cylindrical yellow male flowers, 8cm (3in) long, are borne in clusters. Ginkgo leaf has been shown to significantly increase the sythesis of dopamine, norepinephrine, and other vital neurotransmitters in the brain, thereby enhancing important cerebral functions such as learning, memory, alertness, information processing, and biofeedback with the endocrine system.
This makes it an effective preventative treatment for premature senility, dementia, brain damage, and a wide range of cognitive disorders.

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