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A number of German doctors are combining together to put forward their observations of adverse health effects from pulsed high-frequency EMFs (microwave) to the Prime Minister of Bavaria, Dr.
The pulsed high frequency electro magnetic fields (from mobile phone base stations, from cable-less DECT telephones, amongst others), led to a new, previously unknown pattern of illnesses with a characteristic symptom complex. People suffer from one, several or many of the following symptoms: Sleep disturbances, tiredness, disturbance in concentration, forgetfulness, problem with finding words, depressive mood, ear noises, sudden loss of hearing, hearing loss, giddiness, nose bleeds, visual disturbances, frequent infections, sinusitis, joint and limb pains, nerve and soft tissue pains, feeling of numbness, heart rhythm disturbances, increased blood pressure episodes, hormonal disturbances, night-time sweats, nausea. Some of the health disturbance disappears immediately the exposure ceases (removal of DECT telephone, temporary moving away from home, permanently moving away, using shielding).
Group 3: Headaches, restlessness, dazed state, irritability, disturbance of concentration, forgetfulness, learning difficulties, difficulty finding words. This is further evidence to support the potential adverse health effects that may be synonymous with the pulsed Microwave technology that surround us in everyday life. For that reason, people who are receiving the high frequency at home or at work have suffered and are suffering and they receive no therapy. The doctors do not know that at not one single mobile phone base station have investigations into the health-state of the people been carried out.

Those in the medical profession are beginning to voice their concerns, and it is worth bearing in mind that they have first hand experience of real people with real problems. The health effects include headaches, tiredness, inability to concentrate and dizziness, and show an alarming trend. Disturbances of rhythm, hearing problems, sudden deafness, hearing loss, loss of vision, increased blood pressure, hormonal disturbances, concentration impairments, and others can be proved using scientific objective measures.
It is important not to discard this evidence due to lack of experimental control, as it seems that a number of qualified professionals have independently found the same trends.
Please look at this graph to see how these levels translate to exposure from a typical mast. There are no counfounding factors listed in the data, but the strength of the trend is extremely pronounced.

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