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When you go to the ear doctor to have your hearing test, you are asked to perform a detection experiment with pure tones. Examples are shown in the graph (which plots threshold sound pressure level vs frequency) for someone with normal hearing and for someone with hearing loss like that which happens typically with age. Various technologies are designed around the fact that people are insensitive to sounds outside the 20Hz-20kHz range, including telephones, CD players and MP3. There are other technologies that also take advantage of differences in hearing thresholds. Here's an example of a more complicated sound that is made up of three frequency components. The pinna is the large bit of skin on the side of your head that focusses sound waves into your auditory canal.
When the ossicular chain presses against the oval window, it gives the fluid in the cochlea a good push. Although there are more outer than inner hair cells, most of the ascending nerves from the VIIIth cranial nerve, the auditory nerve, receive their input from the inner hair cells. About the hair cell movie: The movie shows an outer hair cell which has been patch clamped using a whole cell recording pipette at its basal end. Electron microscope picture of a chinchilla's hair cells after hearing was damaged by acoustic overstimulation. The Pennsylvania Department of Health mandates school-administered hearing screens for children in kindergarten to third, seventh and 11th grades.
Deepa Sekhar, assistant professor of pediatrics, compared the results of a special hearing screening designed to detect noise-related high-frequency hearing loss with the results of the standard Pennsylvania school hearing test. One in five adolescents experiences hearing loss, and most of this is high-frequency hearing loss related to continued exposure to noise hazards. High frequency pure tones sound like high pitches and low frequency pure tones sound like low pitches. Frequency is expressed in units of Hertz (Hz), which is the number of cycles of sound pressure change per second. For each pure tone frequency, the doctor determines the sound pressure level that is just barely detectable. Notice that for very low frequencies (on the left) and very high frequencies (on the right), the pure tone must have a very high amplitude to be heard.

In fact, the MP3 sound format takes advantage of a number of properties of human hearing that were all first demonstrated using detection and discrimination psychophysics.
Some companies have, for example, developed devices to make sounds that many adults cannot hear.
The graphs on the left plot sound pressure level (SPL) as it varies, increasing and decreasing, over time. For example, the controls on a stereo are designed around the Fourier frequency decomposition. When the short pendulum swings a lot you can draw the inference that there is considerable high frequency, or rapid, alternation back and forth of the stick. The malleus or hammer (on the left in the EM picture) is attached to the tympanic membrane. This causes a local change in fluid density which propagates through the scala vestibuli, around the outside of the scala media to the end of the cochlea.
These inner hair cells are responsible for capturing what we hear and communicating sound to our brain. The effects of sound damage on the outer hair cells are devastating, as the cells are now missing. Work to improve the acoustics in your environment, or get a better quality telephone, or make an effort to converse face-to face, in quiet places.
Sophisticated hearing aids might be of some help, though the amount of benefit might not justify the cost. Researchers administered both the statewide school screening and a high-frequency screening. In other words, we usually do no hear very high or very low frequencies unless they are very high in amplitude. The graphs in the right are called the Fourier spectra of the sounds, and they plot sound pressure level versus frequency.
Adjusting the bass alters the level of the low frequency signals, while adjusting the treble alters the level of the high frequency signals. When the long pendulum swings a lot you can draw the inference that there is considerable low frequency, or slow oscillation back and forth of my hand. At the end of the scala vestibuli, there is a small opening that connects up the two outer scala.

The outer hair cells change their shape and rigidity to control the motion of the basilar membrane, amplifying weak sounds and attenuating loud sounds.
The low frequency envelope of RatC is played into the stimulus input socket of the patch amplifier, with a peak-to-peak amplitude of about 100 mV. The next time you go to a loud club or rock concert, consider wearing earplugs or some kind of hearing protection.
On average, your hearing is normal, but note how your hearing loss dips into the consonant area.
This is logical for young children, who are more likely to develop low-frequency hearing loss due to fluid in the ear after a bad cold or an ear infection. The screening for noise-related hearing loss tests the ability to hear higher pitches, up to twice the frequency of the Pennsylvania school screen. Of the 282 participants, five failed the Pennsylvania school test and 85 failed the noise-related test. It is a cool fact that any sound signal can be decomposed as a sum of pure tones or frequency components. The hair cell changes length - but at constant volume - because it has a motor molecule in the membrane along the cell sides which responds to membrane voltage by changing area. Under perfect listening conditions, you will miss a few words off and on because of not hearing s's, z's, th's, v's, and other soft, high frequency consonasts. Adolescents, however, are more susceptible to high-frequency hearing loss, usually brought on by exposure to loud noises, but the same tests are used on adolescents and young children. Of the group of 48 students returned for testing by an audiologist in a soundproof booth, nine were diagnosed with hearing loss. The Fourier spectrum graph plots the intensities (sound pressure levels) of the separate pure tones that make up (when summed together) the entire sound signal. Still, as long as your measure speech discrimination scores ("SDS," or "SD" on your audiogram) is 90% or better in at least one ear, you should not have any problems conversing under good listening conditions. The Fourier spectrum is essentially a plot showing the amplitudes of swing for each of the pendula.

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