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We resigned ourselves to the fact that we were in for a bit of a rough ride, before remembering that we had a secret weapon in our backpacks. As soon as we checked in I set about reading the instructions in preparation for the night ahead. That evening, the banging doors soon began and we could hear pretty much everything that was going on outside our room, from voices, TVs and loud footsteps to ringing telephones. Unlike a lot of ear plugs, they didn’t feel weird once my head was on the pillow and whilst they didn’t block out the sound (no ear plugs are that good!) they certainly filtered out some of the most obnoxious noises and I was able to sleep without any interruptions!
We certainly could have done with an EarPeace at the Grand Prix in Melbourne last year and are looking forward to testing them out again next time we find ourselves in the midst of a deafening public event!
Life's Great Adventures are all about achieving YOUR travel dreams no matter how big or small. These were our first thoughts when we read the reviews of the hostel we had just booked for our stay in London for the Adventure Travel Show last weekend.

A few weeks ago we were sent a couple of revolutionary new ear plugs by a company called Ear Peace. Far removed from those bright blue spongy things that usually disintegrate inside your ears, the EarPeace plugs are skin toned, virtually invisible and come in a snazzy box complete with shiny aluminium carry case. They were pretty technical and probably didn’t really need to go into such detail about how to insert them, but the packaging states that you have to follow the directions to the letter, or they simply won’t work as they should! So in went the EarPeace plugs then I lay back and waited to see if I could drift off to sleep. I’d definitely recommend giving them a go – whether you’re planning on staying over at a noisy hostel, going to a concert or hitting a club. Priced at $12.95 (around ?8), you really can’t grumble, but if you’d like to benefit from a 25% discount when ordering two or more EarPeaces, just input the code travel25 online! Despite all the experience we have had in arranging hostels all over the world, we didn’t think to check what other people were saying about it before we parted with our hard earned cash.

Whilst primarily designed to protect your ears from sound damage and that terrible ringing in your ears that you get at clubs, bars or live music gigs; we thought we might as well try them out to see how they’d cope against a barrage of banging doors, high-pitched shrieks and footsteps. This left me a little bit paranoid that I’d done it wrong and I found myself continually prodding my ears to check that they were in place!
From the effective way they filtered out the background noise at the hostel, I can only imagine how useful they will become in almost any sound-related situation.

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