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Niall was perched at the edge of the couch, his body rigid as he heard the laughs of his friends.
As another laugh tumbled from Kate’s lips Niall tensed, his blue eyes flooding with pain.
Harry’s lips were on mine as he dropped me down onto the bed, his hands tight on my hips.
Harry collapsed backwards on the bed and I fell next to him, enjoying the way his lip curled up in the left corner when he flipped over on his side to stare at me.
He had no idea how long he cried, but when he pulled the pillow away from his face his three friends were fast asleep. The green eyed boy slipped out of the room he and Kate had disappeared into hours earlier, wearing a pair of boxers and an extremely messy shock of curly hair. Harry entered the kitchen, banging around in there until he appeared a few minutes later with a bowl.
I took his hand and led him into the living room, sitting cross legged on the couch with him facing me. It was bad enough that Kate had told him they needed to take a break so she could get over a few mistakes Niall made. He remembered all the plans they made, the house by the sea they wanted, the cat they were going to name Nandos, the waterbed they were going to share. I giggled against his kiss and slipped my hands into the back pocket of his jeans, enjoying the tiny moan he let out as I did so.
His tears were silent, but he didn’t want Liam or Louis to look back and realize the younger boy was crying.
Zayn and Liam were tangled together on the other couch and Louis was passed out on the floor.

She stood on her tiptoes and pressed her lips to Harry’s, prompting him to set down the bowl and grip her instead.
Niall watched Harry’s full lips brush along her hairline, then duck down to kiss her nose. He completely broke down, his sobs shaking his thin body and drawing out a sadness I didn’t know existed in myself. His eyes quickly darted to the girl curled up in Harry’s arms on the floor, her long blonde hair tumbling across her cheek and her green eyes squeezed closed as she laughed. She nodded and seconds later they got to their feet, arms around each other and eyes bright with ecstasy. If he knew missing their six month anniversary would have ruined his life he would have done a better job of remembering the date. We made out for a few seconds before Harry climbed off me and shed his clothes, jumping back onto the bed in a pair of small striped boxers and nothing else.
As soon as I was dressed he crossed over to me and gathered me in his arms, unconsciously licking his bottom lip. Niall wiped the tear tracks off his cheeks and hoped his eyes didn’t look as bloodshot as they felt. His arm was lazily thrown over me and I noticed that his boxers had slipped down his thin hips in the night and were now revealing just enough skin to make me catch my breath. Harry was sucking on her neck, his silky brown curls brushing against the face that Niall had once kissed.
He tugged me to my feet and we began to bounce around the queen sized bed, our hands clasped and our laughter ringing throughout the small room. I knew he did that when he wanted a kiss, so I leaned in and planted my lips on his as my fingers toyed with the curls at the base of his neck.

My arms went around his waist and my thumbs hooked the soft elastic waistband of his underwear. He shifted to get some feeling back in the leg he had been sitting on and that was when he noticed Harry. Harry tightened his grip on me, my cheek pressing against the bare skin of his chest as I tried to convince myself that I had made the right choice. He had been overjoyed to see her a week after they decided to go their own ways and he had thrown his arms around her, spinning her in the front hallway as he moved in to kiss her. Whenever the bed let out a particularly loud squeak our green eyes met and we moaned and grunted, covering our mouths with our hands to silence our giggles. He would begin to question if Kate was worth it, then he would see her smile or hear her laugh and knew he would suffer until the end of time if it meant winning her back. I leaned in and planted a quick kiss on his forehead before removing myself from his hold and climbing out of bed. But then he heard Harry’s awkward cough behind him and put Kate down, keeping his arm around her waist as he turned to face his best friend.
When Harry had informed him that Kate was there to see him Niall’s whole world had shattered. Not only did she have him replaced, but she replaced him with a boy he spent almost every hour of the day with, guaranteeing that he would see them together.

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